Virgo - Second Decan:

Period: September 4th - 13th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler :Saturn

Virgo Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Natives of this decan make good administrators, but then they lack a good sight of the bigger perspective picture. However they struggle to adapt to changes in life. They are after material resources and are very thrifty. Saturn as your ruling planet gives you the endurance to stand the test of troubles. You are patient and slow, is hard working and slowly inch towards your gaols in life.

You don’t mind compromising on your personal relationships for professional favors. You have an yearning to get to the top of the corporate sector. Some natives are found to use all means and tactics to oust their competitors. You are selfish at times. You gain a strong financial standing through sheer commitment after a long time only.

Natives born under the second decan of Virgo have the innate Virgo nature of an analytical mind and a good oratorical ability. You can just about persuade anyone under the Sun to do anything of your choice. You have a strong sense of intuition too. Forgiving and forgetting are not in your vocabulary.

These Virgo people make cheerful givers and are found to be a good shoulder for others to rest on when in deep trouble. You are a sceptic at large and does not believe anyone just like that. You are also much obsessed with cleanliness that might make others freak out.

Celebrities under Virgo Second Decan:

• Charlie Sheen

• Beyoncé Knowles

•  Phill Lewis

• Damon Wayans

• Tom Watson

• Mitzi Gaynor

• Michael Keaton

•  Roger Waters

• Adam Sandler

• Colonel Sanders

• Ryan Phillipe

• Amy Irving

• Joe Perry

• Jesse Owens

• Roald Dahl

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