Virgo - First Decan:

Period: August 24th - September 3rd

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler : Mercury

Virgo First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Natives of this decan are quite messy and talkative in nature. They do not have a clear agenda in life. However you are known for your intellect and high speed of thinking and solving ability. You have a penchant for talking your way to the heart of people and hence make good sales personnel or counsellors. You are very creative and argumentative too.

You have just the right words for the person in front. You have great persuasive or influencing nature as well. Patience is not in your vocabulary and you cannot stand imperfections around. You are also quite sarcastic in nature. You strive for perfection at all costs and don’t mind skipping a meal or nap. You are an organising or control freak. You do not trust others with your job too.

Failure does not bother your spirits, you keep perfecting until you reach the top. You are not dejected by criticisms around. You love to garner knowledge and wisdom on any aspect of life and is an avid reader. Natives are also found to have more than wanted interest in health and fitness that they might end up in the wrong side of the bed at times.

Celebrities of First Virgo Decan:

• Yasser Arafat

• Sean Connery

• Macaulay Culkin

• Mother Teresa

• Leo Tolstoy

• John von Goethe

• Michael Jackson

•  John McCain

•  Richard Attenborough

•  Ingrid Bergman

• Cameron Diaz

•  Warren Buffett

•  Richard Gere

• Maria Montessori

• Gloria Estefan

•  Keanu Reeves

• Jimmy Connors

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