Virgo - Third Decan:

Period: September 14th - 22nd

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler : Venus

Virgo Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Natives of the third decan of Virgo are ruled by the planet Venus. Hence they have a good sense of artistic ability and inborn creativity . They have a taste for good music and fine dressing. But then they are found to be very slow to learn new skills. They are usually introverts, forced into romance and love by their ruler Venus.

In relationships, the natives are very loyal and committed. And they do not mind severing the same when they find their partner straying. You hate back-stabbers and is revengeful when betrayed. But then you are willing to give your life too for your loyal companions in life.

You have a love for the good things in life. Luxury items and antiques and ornate wears impress you. You are always found to be well-dressed. A healthy and cheerful demeanour means a lot to you and you take all roads to achieve the same.

Natives born under the third decan of Virgo usually are blessed with a good choice and hence they make great singers or orators of sorts. And you are great worry-bears which ought to be given up.

Celebrities born under Virgo Third Decan:

•  Amy Winehouse

•  Dmitry Medvedev

•  Prince Harry

• Agatha Christie

• Nick Jonas

• David Copperfield

• J.C. Penney

• Wade Robson

• Jimmie Johnson

• Lance Armstrong

• Aisha Tyler

• Greta Garbo

• Eddie Anderson

•  Leslie Lawson

• Sophia Loren

• Bill Murray

• Chuck Jones

• H.G. Wells

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