Taurus - Third Decan:

Period: May 11th - 21st

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler :Saturn

Taurus Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Taurus is ruled by the planet, Saturn. These natives are stable and seem to be austere on the outside. Yet on the inside they are full of sensual energy and wits. They are very disciplined and patient with their works. They are found to be very productive and responsible as well not only on a personal level but for the society as a whole.

Natives are not after short-term successes. Instead they put their heart and soul into what they do and earn a stable and secure future. There is nothing that cannot be done for you and you hate postponing things in life. At times some of you are found to forego personal relationships for professional success.

If you are born under this decan then you have a liking for status, money and place among the rich and famous. You yearn to be the envy of those around you. Generally natives are very gentle in nature. But when the animal inside you comes out, it is a bull on the ravage.

Compromise is something that is out of your books. You have a good line-up of friends, yet you are very choosy in selecting them. Only the loyal ones can stand your stare. Some of those born under the third decan of Taurus are found to be very possessive of their relationships as well.

Celebrities of the Third Decan of Taurus:

• Katharine Hepburn

• Florence Nightingale

• Stevie Wonder

• Cate Blanchett

• Robert Zemeckis

• George Lucas

•  Madeleine Albright

•  Megan Fox

• Janet Jackson

• Pierce Brosnan

• Enya

• Bill Paxton

• Pope John Paul II

•  Malcolm X

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