Taurus - First Decan:

Period: April 21st - 30th

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler : Venus

Taurus First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The first decan of Taurus is ruled over by the planet, Venus. Natives born under this decan are very stable and love peace in life. However they cannot be influenced by others around. They stick to a stand and do not adjust to others. They are highly sensuous and sexual in nature. Natives are generally found to have good looks and they charm people around.

Those born under this decan are very faithful in a relationship though they are found to flirt at times. They show and expect extreme commitment in a relationship. You yearn for excitement and adventure in life. You are very practical and down to earth, typical for a Taurus. Speculations attract you but you are not one who falls prey for frauds and quick-money schemes. You make sure that your life is stable at all times, both in personal and professional matters.

Natives are social animals and love to have their family around always. You love to cook, shop, eat and sleep. Indulgences of all sorts just attract you. Your extravagant nature might land you in trouble at times. Despite this, you would easily squander your money over for family and friends. You are not selfish and is generous to the core. You are patient to a certain extent, but would burst open when things go out of your way. You also hate being indecisive and sarcastic.

Celebrities born under Taurus First Decan:

• Jack Nicholson

• William Shakespeare

•  Barbra Streisand

• Al Pacino

• Guglielmo Marconi

• Samuel Morse

•  Jessica Alba

• Jay Leno

•  Penelope Cruz

•  Saddam Hussein

•  Andre Agassi

• Uma Thurman

•  Michelle Pfeiffer

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