Taurus - Second Decan:

Period: May 1st - 10th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler :Mercury

Taurus Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Taurus is influenced by Virgo and ruled over by Mercury. Natives born under this decan are said to be shy in nature yet full of tact, diplomacy and an artistic bend. They have a sense of grace around them and are flexible in relationships. You have a great penchant for communication and has a good wit that woos people around. Hence natives make good public speakers, motivational talkers and marketing or sales personnel.

Those born under this decan make great politicians. You attract people by your talks and sense of humour. Sometimes materialistic nature creeps in and makes you to connive too. Natives have a greed for money and more material resources. Hence lack of funds would drive you crazy and you are not one to beg for some.

People of this decan are very ambitious and like to grow in life. You make all efforts to reach to the top of the social ladder. And your patience and hard work would take you there too one day. However natives are stubborn and like to be stable, hate changes around. At times you lose your temper as well, especially when provoked with the wrong signals.

Having the Virgo link, you have a perfectionist carving as well. You nitpick on silly things and criticize others. If you stop picking on others then life would be heaven.

Celebrities born under the Taurus Second Decan:

• Glenn Ford

• David Beckham

• Bing Crosby

•  Golda Meir

• Audrey Hepburn

• Karl Marx

• George Clooney

• Tony Blair

• Sigmund Freud,

• Robert Browning

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