Gemini - Third Decan:

Period: June 11th - 21st

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler : Uranus

Gemini Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Gemini belongs to Aquarius and is ruled over by the planet Uranus. These natives have a humanitarian heart and are very social. However they are unemotional and like solitude at times. They like to garner much knowledge under the Sun. You hate herd mentality and like to be independent and one of a kind. You love to be active and creative and you go against the tide always and like to create ripples along your path.

Your ruler Uranus stands for unpredictable and risk-taking nature. These are found in you and you like to stand away from the crowd. You love to surprise and challenge. For the world you seem to be a rebel and a stubborn personality. You are generally very adventurous and have much confidence in yourself.

One of the important positive trait of the natives born under the third dean of Gemini is they are very honest and straight-forward and this might earn them some enemies in life. This brands you as insensitive and unemotional at times.

Natives of this decan are highly concerned about human rights and social justivce. You don’t might walking the extra mile for a stranger. You make a good social worker or political analyst. Also natives are good in teaching and sales. You are not a home bird, instead you love to go round the world, experiencing new things in life. You get along with just about anyone in a crowd, but hate back-stabbers. You are loyal to your friends and would give you life for them. However you expect loyalty and discipline from them.

Celebrities born under Gemini Third Decan:

•  Anne Frank

• George Bush

•  W.B. Yeats

• Steffi Graf

• Donald Trump

• Che Guevara

• Ice Cube

• Courtney Cox

• Venus Williams

• Paul McCartney

•  Paula Abdul

• Kathleen Turner

•  Salman Rushdie

• Nicole Kidman

• Lionel Richie

• Prince William

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