Gemini - First Decan:

Period: May 22nd - 31st

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler : Mercury

Gemini First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The first decan of Gemini is ruled over by the planet Mercury. Natives are found to be curious over things happening around them. They are intellects who think logically, yet do not get into the deepest part of anything. You are the smartest in a social group and is full of interesting talks and wisdom.

You talk your way into the minds of people. You get things done easily in your favor thanks to your great communication skills. You are highly social and hate solitude. You can just talk just about anything under the Sun. Natives are known to be the best gossipers on the planet. You are prone to memory loss and might lose relationships ensuing this. Also you are known to stretch facts way too much out of their elastic limit.

Natives of this decan love variety in life and frequent changes. Variety entices them a lot. When you are done with a relationship you don’t mind severing the same without any second thoughts.

You take full freedom and want anything fresh and new always. Natives are usually said to be scatter-brains and are not always focussed on their ambitions. This makes them a jack of all trades.

Celebrities born under Gemini First Decan:

• Naomi Campbell

•  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

• Richard Wagner

• Drew Carey

• Priscilla Presley

• Bob Dylan

• Ralph W. Emerson

• John Wayne

• Christopher Lee

• Isadora Duncan

• Kylie Minogue

•  Rudolph Giuliani,

• Ian Fleming

• Jim Thorpe

• John F. Kennedy

• Clint Eastwood

• Walt Whitman

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