Gemini - Second Decan:

Period: June 1st - 10th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler :Venus

Gemini Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The Libra decan of Gemini is ruled over by the planet, Venus. Natives born under this decan are not restless as the regular Gemini. Instead strive to find the true value of anything, seek curiosity and beauty and keep themselves under control. However natives of this decan are found to be more flirty than those of the other two decans of Gemini.

Natives are said to be sexy and sensuous and don’t mind being in one or more relationships before entering into a committed relationship. You are likely to stray at times. You can be wooed or charmed easily. But then you do have contacts with ex-flames as well and don’t mind igniting the relationship at times.

Peace and harmony means a lot to you and you strive to bring the same around you. You are too kind and polite to people. You have the large heart to forgive people and forget past mistakes. You are very diplomatic and tactful and this honours your relationships. Friends mean a lot to you. You are too generous in terms of finances. You are always full of energy, vigor and a sense of optimism is always within you.

However you have zero tolerance towards back-stabbers. Also you hate infringement of your freedom and those who develop high expectations from you. An important negative trait of yours is that you are quite indecisive. You change your mind often and that might bother those around. You can also be easily influenced and you trust people easily.

Celebrities born under Second Decan of Gemini:

• Heidi Klum

• Morgan Freeman

• Marilyn Monroe

• Wayne Brady

•  Rafael Nadal

• Angelina Jolie

• Bjorn Borg

• Anna Kournikova

•  Prince, Kanye West

•  Natalie Portman

• Johnny Depp

• Elizabeth Hurley

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