Capricorn - Second Decan:

Period: January 1st - 10th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler : Venus

Capricorn Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Capricorn belongs to Taurus and is ruled over by the planet, Venus. Natives of this decan are hard workers and have an artistic bent. They are also very patient and do things whole-heartedly without any second thoughts till the end. Though you are very persistent and work hard, you don’t mind taking a break then and there to relax your mind.

Though you are cautious with your finances, you would not hesitate to splurge luxuries on your loved ones. However you feel secure only when your finances are full. You yearn to give a comfortable life to your loved ones despite it taking a toll on you. You do not invest in quick cash schemes. You wait for your finances to yield long-term results.

You attract people by your charm. You keep your words as also secrets trusted to you. You do not make big talk, instead would show it in action. You are a good shoulder to lean on for your near and dear ones.

You are determined, yet stubborn, which might vex your loved ones at times. Though you are trust worthy you do not trust others easily. There would be a sense of disbelief always with you. Physical appearance means a lot to you and you go to all lengths to make sure that you stay fit and have a good physique.

Celebrities of Capricorn Second Decan:

• Roger Miller

• Isaac Asimov

• Michael Schumacher

• Mel Gibson

• Louis Braille

• Marilyn Manson

•  Rowan Atkinson

• Joan of Arc

• Bipasha Basu

•  Nicolas Cage

• David Bowie

•  Stephen Hawking,

• Elvis Presley

• Crystal Gayle

• Richard Nixon

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