Capricorn - First Decan:

Period: December 22nd - 31st

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler :Saturn

Capricorn First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Those born unde the first decan of Capricorn are very patient and determined in life. They are very strong and confident in nature. Though on the outside they seem tough, they have a soft and tameable interior too. Saturn as your ruling planet makes you to take life seriously and to understand its limitations and hardships.

For the natives born under this sign, time means a lot, they are not one to waste their precious timings. They do not beat around the bush, instead speak the truth on one’s face even if it means hurting the person. You like to make anything short and simple.

You are very ambitious and would go to any length to achieve the goals and ideals in life. Nothing is unachievable for you. Your focus and determination helps you to reach great heights. You keep on setting new targets to be achieved and this might make you seem too greedy at times.

You hate irresponsible people. You always strive to excel in your profession and finances. You also yearn for the finer comforts and luxury in life. Would also shower your resources on your loved ones, without any second thoughts. Natives have a great thirst for professional success, that they don’t mind sacrificing their personal life for the same. They get to the top by hook or by crook.

You are adept in hiding your emotions. Others around cannot sense your moods easily. In love and romance you are found to be very introvert. You are not one to fondle your loved one in public places and show signs of affection under public glare. However you are loyal, committed and loving to your partner once you are locked in a relationship or marriage.

Celebrities of Capricorn First Decan:

• Carla Bruni

•  Stephenie Meyer

•  Ricky Martin

• Ava Gardner

• Jimmy Buffet

•  Sir Isaac Newton

•  Mao Tse-tung

• Charles Babbage

•  Bill Goldberg

• Louis Pasteur

• Johannes Kepler

• Denzel Washington

• Woodrow Wilson

• Jude Law

•  Tiger Woods

• Rudyard Kipling

• Ben Kingsley

•  Anthony Hopkins

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