Capricorn - Third Decan:

Period: January 11th - 20th

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler :Mercury

Capricorn Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Capricorn belongs to Virgo and the natives are ruled over by the planet, Mercury. Hence they are good in communication skills and would not lack words. They have the potential to enthral a huge audience with their eloquent and decorative speech. They are very impatient which a Capricorn is supposed to be in general. Natives have good scientific bend and managerial skills.

Natives born under this decan also have a good sense of sarcasm in their talks. Though Capricorns generally are introverts, these decan natives are quick to strike a conversation even with a total stranger. Though you are not a social bird, you maintain good connections with your family friends. You always have lofty aims in life and would always be seen to be working towards the same.

You are quiet tolerant but would not forgive and forget easily. You hold on to grudges for long and won’t mind giving them back in full when the time is apt. But then you are very kind and generous to your well-wishers and loved ones and even give your life for them. Most of the natives of this decan are pessimists and would toil for excellent results.

They are perfectionists and would lose their cool when things are not in the way the expect it to be. They are very sensitive and temperamental at times too. It is best to leave them alone when things are low, else they may erupt anytime.

Celebrities of Capricorn Third Decan:

•  Jeff Bezoz

• Jack London

• Orlando Bloom

• Martin Luther King, Jr.

• Aristotle

• Onassis

• Aaliyah

•  Kate Moss

• Michelle Obama

• Jim Carrey

• Muhammad Ali

• James Earl Jones

• Al Capone

• Benjamin Franklin

• Kevin Costner

• Danny Kaye

• Daniel Webster

• Edwin Aldrin

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