Uranus is a planet that represents change, modern technology and innovative thoughts and ideas. This is a planet that rules progression where conservative and traditional ideas are broken from the shackles. Uranus is also associated with your intuitive and investigative energies. When not properly placed in your natal chart it is likely to disrupt your routine life and can cause untold chaos and worries in life.

Uranus is a slow moving planet in our solar system and it stays in a single zodiac house for almost seven years. Presently it is placed in the fiery sign of Aries.Its placement in the chart shows the areas in your life where you rebel against and find difficulty to get along. That particular piece of your life would be totally unpredictable. Uranus takes almost your entire lifetime to come once around the zodiac sky. That would be around 40 years or so to get to the opposite house of your birth house and this explains the mid-life crisis we all encounter in our 40's. This is a planet that helps us to arise and get into action. In general Uranus placement stirs action in that particular area of your life.

Aries  ARIES
uranus in aries

When Uranus is placed in the house of Aries in your natal chart, then you would be full of energy and vitality and ambitious. You would be bold enough to meet challenges head-on. You would be a bit impulsive that you find it difficult to get along with people who are slow in their treads. You like frequent changes in your life and is known for relocations often. You would be impatient and feel that you know everything in life. You do not make friends easily thanks to your arguing nature.

However you would be very successful in business and financial deals as you are loaded with inventive and novel ideas. You are full of energy and enthusiasm that you don't mind learning anything new at a later age too. Natives have the ability to bring a new direction for the society as a whole. They excel in the medical field. The negative aspect of this placement is this placement makes the native rebellious. Their temperament comes in the way of development. Haste makes waste for the natives with this position of Uranus.

Taurus  TAURUS
uranus in taurus

When Uranus is placed in Taurus, it makes the native very stubborn, steadfast and intuitive. Generally they are found to do well financially in life. Natives have a penchant for real-estate ventures and partnership deals. You set your goals properly and work towards it persistently. There is no going back.

You look to be broad-minded on the outside, but on the inside you are a stubborn personality who does not yield at any cost. You are known to take your decisions wisely and timely. Natives enjoy a happy marriage though occasional rifts cannot be ruled out due to their possessive nature. You find new ways to make money and would also be able to forecast your future accurately thanks to your psychic tendencies. You are very practical and is satisfied only with tangible results. It is difficult to make this native move, but once he/she is on the move, then there is no stopping them.

Gemini  GEMINI
uranus in gemini

When Uranus is placed in the house of Gemini, you would be very intuitive and shall have a scientific bend. You would be very much interested in engineering and allied fields. You would also have a liking for the occult sciences. Natives are very social and make friends easily. But they have difficulties in learning that they are usually incomplete in their higher education, though they seem much knowledgeable.

Natives with Uranus placed in Gemini have a penchant for learning new ideas in life. The scientific field attracts them a lot . They love change and strive to bring about it in their immediate lives. Natives are usually found to be restless. Most are interested in problem-solving and communication studies get on them easily. They are found to bring about ideas that are socially unacceptable. Many revolutions and social changes are found to be started by those having Uranus in the house of Gemini.

Cancer  CANCER
uranus in caner

When Uranus is placed in the house of Cancer in the natal chart then the natives have a liking for psychic or occult sciences. Many are drawn towards politics. They are known to break common social barriers and customs which have been hooking people for long. Natives are said to free people from age-old customs and traditions. Natives with this placement usually cannot get along with family easily. They are likely to wage battles against their own family regarding finances and property.

Uranus in Cancer makes the natives very sensitive to events that are normally termed as ordinary. Issues from their young age generally haunt them that they are found to be depressed and delinked from family. They need to take time off for rejuvenation and relaxation, else it might take a toll on their general well-being. Their highly emotional set-up makes it difficult for them to stay in a marriage or relationship for long. Many are found to remain bachelors, else if in a marriage they might end up in divorces. Family, children, relationships and commitments do not go well with them on a long term with this placement as would have been with the usual Cancers.

Leo  LEO
uranus in leo

With Uranus placed in the house of Leo, the natives would be very assertive and rebellious in nature. Age-old traditions or customs do not bother them. They make all efforts to break off these shackles. Many excel in the fields of education, entertainment or journalism. This placement of Uranus is not much favorable for love and relationships. Natives do not stay constant or committed in a relationship for long and instead are found hovering about from one partner to another. Usually they end up in loss and separations.

Leo Uranus natives do exceptionally well in their career fields. Being natural leaders they grow to great heights. But they should be aware that a fall from a height might have its consequences. Losing their temper would be a great enemy for them. Also their arrogance and ego stand in their way of growth. If they dare to stay away from the limelight and work hard then success would be on its way.

The natives are full of energy and vitality. Some may be a little dramatic. Else they make good individuals who learn the lesson of life the hard way. A few natives would be in constant search of fame, name and stardom, while some live a simple life and bring about major changes in their social circles. Leo Uranus makes the individuals to develop a totally new insight into life and their purpose on earth.

Virgo  VIRGO
uranus in virgo

When Uranus is placed in the house of Virgo, it makes the natives prone to many physical ailments, mainly related to the nerves. But then they are very talented and have a scientific bent. Some make good businesses to prosper. Many natives are found to excel in government positions where they are in public glare. They are known to bring about revolutionary changes in terms of science in our every day life. New ideas and techniques attract them. Some with this placement have interest in history and anthropology too.

This placement of the Uranus in one's natal chart makes the native an intellect in his or her field. Generally they are found to be very quiet and poised on the outside. But their inner self would be booming with new ideas and ambitions. Some have a liking towards organic farming or into healing and helping the poor and the downtrodden. The Virgo Uranus also makes great research fellows. However there would be a constant clash between the modern and the traditional ways of life with these guys. They work to perfection in whatever they venture into.

Libra  LIBRA
uranus in libra

With Uranus placed in the house of Libra, the natives are found to have an inclination towards the arts like music, dance, drama or literature. They make a good mark in whatever they pursue. They have a great sense of perception and imagination. Justice and legality is what enthralls them. They fight with all their might for many social causes and for the needy and forsaken without any personal benefits.

A negative aspect of this placement is that the native would not be consistent in relationships or marriage. There would be frequent marital issues, misunderstandings, some might go to the length of a divorce too. Multiple marriages or partners would also be found in many of these people. A plus point is that they are way too far-sighted that they excel in their endeavors. They are restless, give all their energy and soul into their projects and come out successful. Some might get low in life thanks to their short temper.

Uranus in Libra makes the natives good in co-operative deals and diplomacy. They are found to do things in unconventional ways. They have an independent streak and are tolerant of unorthodox beliefs and ideals. Logics and an analytical bend are found in most of the natives. They yearn for justice and a balance in whatever they come across in life.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
uranus in scorpio

Uranus in the house of Scorpio indicates that the natives are very forceful, determined, and full of intensity that they pursue whatever attracts them with full vigor and strength. There is no going back for these people. They have a liking for science and the occult fields. When Uranus is in this house it might prove fatal for some. Their high intensity of thoughts and actions are generally channeled towards major changes in the society and to break off age-old traditions and customs that are unwarranted in this age.

This placement makes the individuals very stubborn, rebellious and aggressive. They have the guts to accomplish great things in life. There would be no fear in their lives. Their relationships however would have frequent mood swings. There would be sudden bursts of emotions in their lives that marriages or relationships are torn down in the same speed that they were forged. Most of the natives with this placement make great physicians as they know how to locate and eradicate a source of pain.

When Uranus is in Scorpio, it makes the people very compassionate and possessive as well. They may need to handle resentment in later life. If they learn to master their life with a cool composure then there would be bliss in their lives.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
uranus in sagittarius

When Uranus is placed in the house of Sagittarius in the natal chart, the natives are gifted with a high sense of imagination and intuition. They like adventure, freedom and travelling. Some are very religious, philosophical and have an aptitude for the occult sciences. A Sagittarius Uranus makes them to behave very eccentric at times. There would be rebellious trends and they frame their own laws in religion.

This placement makes them to have a liking towards science and new ideas. They have an independent streak that they are not afraid of just anyone around. Conventional ideas are hated by them. Some are found to hurt others by their sharp snap attacks.

Many with this placement are spiritually oriented. However they have their own views and opinions that differ from orthodox thoughts. Most of the natives are more optimistic with life and like to try new things in life. They like to clash with tradition and conventions. Some of them would not have even had higher education but have the knowledge of a seer.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
uranus in capricorn

Uranus in the house of Capricorn makes the individuals more responsible and ambitious-oriented. Most of the natives excel in their professional field as they are found to be hard workers. They are enterprising and stubborn. However some might encounter occasional troubles in their career moves. They are responsible citizens and are equipped with original thoughts and ideas.

Capricorn Uranus makes the natives to be very impulsive that they act hastily. Many are found to face challenges head-on. They have the ability to manage a good work force and they maintain a good temper. Power does not go to their heads and they earn the trust of the public without much effort. Many natives with this placement are great leaders or financial planners of the world.

Uranus in Capricorn makes the natives stick to conservative thoughts and ideas though they take the best from modern thoughts. Some individuals are found to be highly revolutionary bringing about rapid changes in their society.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
uranus in aquarius

When the house of Aquarius is posited with Uranus, the natives are said to have great intuition and big ideals. Humanity comes first in their life and they are unselfish to the core. They make great friends in life without expecting anything in return. Most of the natives excel in modern sciences. Some are said to be eccentric and wayward. The keyword would be revolutionary for this placement with the natives striving to bring betterment to humanity as a whole.

They have great foresight and have the ability to solve huge societal problems with ease. They are highly sociable and are good to have as friends or partners in life. Uranus in Aquarius begets intelligent people who invent new technologies for the benefit of mankind. Though they are found to be aloof and self-centered some are said to be highly compassionate. They know how to bring people together for a social cause and they hate monotonous routine work or red-tapism.

Pisces  PISCES
uranus in pisces

Uranus in the house of Pisces brings about a sense of negativity in the concerned individuals. They would have a liking for the occult sciences or in similar fields. They are born to face misfortune and have an erratic behavior. They are great pessimists and see negative things even in positivity around them.

The good side is that the natives have a great sense of imagination and perception. Many do not settle down comfortably in life and would be found wandering like nomads. Personalities with Uranus in Pisces have great healing abilities and can cook up cures for chronic ailments as well. If they work towards this ability they can excel others in the field.

Most of the natives are dreamy and live in a fantasy world. They have great spiritual insights and can bring about major spiritual revolutions across the world. Sensitive and delicate to the core they go out of the way to help others in need without any self-gains. Music and arts also fascinate them and some find a solace here. Some people with this placement fall a prey to substance abuse as they do not relate to reality. If they focus on working towards betterment of humanity, they can come up against all sorts of self-abuses and lead a positive life.



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