The Ninth House

Travel, Higher Learning, Philosophy of Life

The ninth house in astrology rules your long term goals in life, long distance travels and matters related to religion and philosophy.

One's scope of higher education is also ruled by the ninth house of the natal chart.

Aries  Aries as the ninth house

With Aries as your 9th house in the natal chart you are an optimistic personality who is loaded with ideas and plans to get things going. You are very positive and you bring your ideas and goals into action. You do not lose your cool when things go out of hand, You believe in tomorrow. You like travelling around the world but you make sure that there is a reason behind your travel and that all your plans are scheduled properly.

Taurus  Taurus as the ninth house

With Taurus as your 9th house you are a very conservative person who is steeped in orthodox thoughts and traditional values in life. You are stubborn in your thoughts and actions. You like dominating the affairs around you. You like to travel around, and places that relate to earth and nature appeal more to you. You usually like to live away from your place of birth and like travelling to and fro.

Gemini  Gemini as the ninth house

With Gemini as your 9th house, matters of philosophy and religion are topics of talking for you and not of real interest. Anything that is composed of logic and reason attracts you. You like learning and garnering much information that higher studies attract you easily. You like travelling a lot and that would be for observing different cultures and traditions. You need constant mental stimulation to keep you going.

Cancer  Cancer as the ninth house

With Cancer as your 9th house you would be emotionally linked to religious pursuits. Your feelings and moods rule your conduct. You are a tireless and selfless worker. You can adapt to situations foreign to you that you would feel at ease when in a different place. Your intuition shall guide you in your walk on this planet. 

Leo  Leo as the ninth house

With Leo as your 9th house, you would be full of vitality, pride and self--confidence in life. Your ideas are of lofty themes. Long distance travels appeal to you and travel is a staple for you much like food. You have abstract ideas related to spirituality. You like learning and research that you revel in the idea of being a learner all through your life. You are likely to enlighten others in your path of philosophy which are life's principles.

Virgo  Virgo as the ninth house

With Virgo as your 9th house, you are very pragmatic when it comes to religion and philosophy. You are very much interested in what is happening around the world. You are very practical and your ideas are orderly. You have the belief that you know everything under the Sun which closes your mind to learning anything new. You are an intellect and is interested in research -based works. You strictly follow rules and regulations and will die to stick to them.

Libra  Libra as the ninth house

With Libra as the 9th house, there would be a relationship between your outer and inner self. You like to put up yourself to the public with one of good appearance and you hate being crude and clumsy. You like to do justice to any issue at hand and there would be a good balance of opinion from you for any problem. You like to travel a lot. There would not be much religious activity though a secular arrangement appeals to you. A harmonious environment is what you want in life.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the ninth house

With Scorpio as your 9th house, you would be very much interested in secrets and mysteries of life. You desire to know the meaning of life here on this planet and hence philosophical ideas and the occult sciences attract you. You do not like the formal system of education and like to learn new ideas through hands on experience. You like to travel around the world for pleasure and adventure. Travel by water however is your favorite one.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the ninth house

With Sagittarius as your 9th house, you like to travel a lot and explore the world. You are optimistic personality with a broad outlook of life. You have conventional ideas related to religion and philosophy. You are always on the look- out for new ideas and opinions. You are not much interested in higher education because you believe that a moderate knowledge would suffice to survive. Good fortune and luck are on the cards for these natives.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the ninth house

With Capricorn as your 9th house, you are a very conservative and orthodox person in life. You have abstract thoughts and you need to feel the evidence to believe anything. Travel does not appeal much to you through you would travel for business and monetary benefits. You are very much devoted to duty and yearn for fame and name. You need recognition to keep going. Higher studies is something that does not fascinate you much.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the ninth house

With Aquarius as the 9th house, you would have a very progressive and forward thought regarding religion and philosophy. You like to debate and exchange views on spiritual topics though you are not very spiritual. You oppose spiritual rules and restrictions and your scientific bend makes you oppose this thought. You enjoy the modern and advanced scientific world and would like to travel to learn a lot more in life.

Pisces  Pisces as the ninth house

With Pisces as your 9th house you are very much interested in religion and you have a religious bend in your views on life. You have a philosophical attitude that helps you to wade through water in times of trials. You are interested in the secrets and mysteries of human life and your very existence. You do not like to travel a lot though you dream or fantasize about visiting imaginary places.


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