Aries -Second Decan:

Period: March 31st - April 9th

Span: 10° - 20° of Aries

Ruler :The Sun

Aries Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Leo Decan is the second decan of Aries and is ruled by the luminary Sun. These individuals are very noble and stick to their ambitions come what may in life. They are very righteous, however are found to be too loud and showy at times. They like to celebrate life but are focussed on their tasks. These natives work hard to live up to their ideals and ambitions.

Those of the second decan of Aries are very much determined in their aim for success that they might connive to get to the same at times. Some of you are found to be quite revengeful too and don’t mind paying back your back stabbers when the time is apt.

On the positive side, the natives are very friendly and social. Your quick sense of humour adds charm to your personality. You attract people by your wits. You gel with people of any feather, however would like to stick to those who worship and savour your success. You are envied by many for your brains and brawns and you don’t mind hogging the limelight.

People born under this decan are very generous and deliver what they promise. Doing the unexpected surprises you. Impulsive nature is another negative trait of yours. You are also found to lose your temper quite common and this ought to be controlled, else might bring you down.

Celebrities of Aries Second Decan:

• Al Gore

• Otto von Bismark

• Hans Christian Andersen

• Eddie Murphy

•  Alec Baldwin

• Marlon Brando

•  David Blaine

• Gregory Peck

• Bette Davis

•  Zach Braff,

• Russell Crowe

•  Jackie Chan

• Francis Coppola

• Kofi Annan

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