Aries - First Decan:

Period: March 21st - 30th

Span: Aries 0° - 10°

Ruler : Mars

Aries First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The First decan of Aries is ruled by the fiery red planet, Mars. Natives born under this decan have high energy levels, however they are quite innocent at the core. They excite the people around. They love life to the full and are not hesitant to take risks in adventure.

They have no fear and dare to do risky things. They are good in breaking rules, traditions and customs. And explore hitherto unexplored territories. They go where no man had gone before. They challenge own self. Natives also expect a great deal from their peers and family members and are usually thought to be quite demanding and bossy, though they are not so on the inside.

People born under the first Decan of Aries are very stubborn and headstrong and do not listen to others, Martian influence perhaps. They cannot be persuaded or influenced easily. They are not one to heed to the advise of those around. This might land them in troubles of sorts.

Natives of this decan have an oscillating mood. They are very temperamental too. When they are in their best, they splurge on their near ones. They are very kind and helpful to others. However when the devil strikes, things are not that easy around. They become restless and have a sharp tongue. They not even hesitate to smack the person in front.

Celebrities of Aries First Decan:

• Ronaldinho

• Reese Witherspoon

• Akira Kurosawa

• Harry Houdini

• Sarah Jessica Parker

•  Elton John

•  Robert Frost

•  Mariah Carey

• Quentin Tarantino

•  Lady Gaga

• Celine Dion

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