Scorpio - Second Decan:

Period: November 3rd - 12th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler : Neptune

Scorpio Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Scorpio is that of Pisces and is ruled over by the planet Neptune. Natives are very secretive, conniving, romantic but are subtle in nature and are real. Neptune makes you intelligent and artistic. You love to spend time in myriad activities. Illusion , fantasy and the occult sciences enthral you. Natives are found to be very flexible, adaptable and would compromise for the existing situation at hand.

If you are born in the second decan of Scorpio, you are very patient and can tolerate anything around you. You just do not show any signs of rebel or frustration when confronted with stupid ideas and foolish tasks.

You are very committed and loyal in relationships and hence your near and dear ones are said to be very much blessed in life. You would move mountains for them. But then if you find that they are not loyal then you might go all the way to take revenge. Would not mind severing relationships as well.

Celebrities of Scorpio Second Decan:

• Charles Bronson

• Laura W. Bush

• Will Rogers

• Emma Stone

• Billy Graham

•  Madame Curie

• Margaret Mitchell

• Martin Luther

• Leonardo DiCaprio

• Demi Moore

• Anne Hathaway

•  Nadia Comaneci

• Grace Kelly

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