Sagittarius - Third Decan:

Period: December 13th - 21st

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler :Sun

Sagittarius Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Sagittarius is that of Leo and is ruled by the luminary, Sun. Natives born under this decan are highly adventurous and full of integrity. They take risks in life and are known for their impulsive moves. They also have a speculative mindset. Because of this there would be many ups and downs in their financial standing despite their lofty aims.

Natives born under this decan have a pleasant demeanour that attracts people towards them. Though they are down or broken, they make sure they show warmth and charm to the outside world.

You are an optimistic person with a sense of positive energy around. You also encourage people and lift them up when they are at the bottom of their lives. You are a great booster of energy for your near ones. You are also very generous with your finances and would not mind pitching in when other’s finances go awry.

You are very much gifted and love to showcase your talents to the outside world. You love being patted on your back for your skills and hate back- stabbers and discouraging words around. You are not tolerant of people commenting on your back.

Natives are very confident and courageous , but when it comes to love and romance they are found to be introverts. They find it difficult to connect with the opposite gender initially. You are very flirty, sensual and romantic, but once committed would be loyal and loving to your partner for life.

Celebrities of Sagittarius Third Decan:

•  Taylor Swift

• Amy Lee

• Jamie Foxx

• Vanessa Hudgens

• Michael Owen

• Nostradamus,

• Don Johnson

• Arthur C. Clark,

• Jane Austen

• Beethoven

•  Christina Aguilera

•  Brad Pitt

•  Steven Spielberg,

• Criss Angel

• Florence Joyner

•  Frank Zappa

• Phil Donahue

• Joseph Stalin