This is a complete guide for you to invest in stocks shares. When you concentrate on the sectors that are mentioned against your date of births you shall reap maximum benefits.

Wishing you happy trading!!

21st Dec to 20th Feb - invest in the field of Films, Music, Iron & steel, Minerals, Cement, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Leather, Automobiles, Rubber, Tyres, Chemicals and Medicines.

21st Feb to 20th March & 21st Nov to 20th Dec -Invest in the field of Telecom, Hotels, Tourism, Breweries, Arms & ammuniation, Tobacco, Consultancy, Health products, Insuarance, Engineering, Tourism & Hotels.

21st Mar to 20th Apr and 21st Oct to 20th Nov - invest in Mines & Minerals, Animals, Land & Property, Electricals, Fire related, Building & Architecture, Information Technology, Software development & Publishing.

21st April to 20th May and from 21st Sept to 20th Oct - invest in the field of Gold, Silver, Jewelery, Communication, Broker, Wines, Breweries, Mines, Diamond, Pearls, Cotton/ Cotton Mills, Clothes, Agriculture, Animals, Earthenware, Scents, Information Technology, Banking, Consultacny, Teaching, Paper industry & Tobacco.

21st May to 21st June and 21st August to 20th Sept - invest in the fields of Banking, Aeronautics, Brokers, Shipping, Marketing, Hospitals, Web Designing.

21st June to 20th July - invest in the field of Civil, Construction, Law, Rice mills, Milk products, Water or Sea related, Education, Money & Banking etc.

21st July to 20th Aug - Invest in the field of Minerals, Metals, Spices, Sugar/ Sugar Mills, Accounts & Government Agencies etc.

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