Retrograde Planets

As all the planets are moving at different speeds, there will be times when a particular planet will appear from Earth that it is not moving at all, and at times that a planet is actually moving backwards when viewed against the backdrop of a fixed star. In such periods, the planet is said to be in retrograde motion.

In the ephemeris, planets which are in retrograde are denoted by a R after the degree and minute designation.A retrograde planet may denote delayed development of factors relating to that planet rather than any negative influence as was suggested in ancient Astrology. A capital S alongside the planetary degree in the ephemeris stands for the word stationary and will occur when the planet is slowing down and has virtually stopped moving. The capital letter D is soemtimes used indicating that the palnet is in direct motion and is written when a planet changes from a backward direction or retrograde to a forward direction or direct.Perhaps the greatest impact of retrograde planets can be felt when the outer planets turn retrograde while forming a transit aspect to one of the natal planets.

Retrograde planets are thought to be weak in their effect, which is true for the personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars but it is not so with the outer planets which stay Retrograde for up to six months.

Mars Retrograde - Mars retrograde in a persons birth chart causes the person to be very frigid or to go to the extremes. Some have sex aversions. Mars retrograde six to eight days, of course, that is sixty to eighty years in a horoscope progression. During its slow moving period, two weeks before and after retrogression it indicates its effects mainly in females.

Venus Retrograde - The effect of Venus retrograde is disastrous to a happy married life. As Venus slowly turns retrograde, the person gradually gets disinterested in sexual activities. Venus seems to work alike in all signs when retrograde. It affects men particularly.

Mercury Retrograde - When Mercury goes retrograde, many of our everyday affairs ruled by Mercury are disrupted. When Mercury is retrograde, mental mistakes abound. Travel plans are often messed up. Misunderstandings with those in the family or at work occur. Those who have belief in Astrology will refrain from making any sort of contract when Mercury is retrograde.

Jupiter Retrograde - Such persons often get success in other people's failures. They have the unique ability to succeed in projects that were abandoned by others. Such people revive sick companies and uncover hidden assets. In order to achieve their mental goal they prefer to bargain.

Saturn Retrograde - Persons with Saturn Retrograde in their birth charts do not like to be known in public, they find security in intellectuals or spirituals. They easily yield to external influences. They appear shy, uneasy, introvert, lacking in self assertion or attempt to cover their lapse with the pretext of arrogance. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their friends and are seldom understood and very reserved.

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