Planets in Hemispheres
A division of the circle perpendicularly produces two hemispheres, east and west. A split horizontally produces a southern hemisphere and a northern hemisphere.The hemisphere on the left side of the chart is the eastern hemisphere with the extreme eastern point, the eastern horizon, being the Ascendant. The opposite side of the chart is the descendant or western hemisphere.

The upper hemisphere on the chart is the South Midheaven, the medium Coeli (MC) or southern hemisphere. The lower half of the chart is the Imum Coeli (IC), the lowest heaven, or northern hemisphere.

The planets positions often seem to become clustered in one part of the chart or another. When this occurs, a severe imbalance occurs which can cause extremism or obsession within the area of life represented.

Ten planets in the Northern hemisphere emphasizes inhibitions and difficulty in relating to the outside world. Ten planets in the South produces overconfidence and lack of personal insights. Ten planets in the East encourages detachment and an inability to follow the directives of others and ten planets in the West indicates a person who constantly yields to the demands of others.

subjective, personalized, self-absorbed
objective, externalized, group-oriented
answerable to self, independent
answerable to others, dependent

The Eastern Hemisphere The planets clustered in the eastern hemisphere suggests that you are likely to be more independent, strong-willed, and more individualistic than others think. The placements on the east side denotes leadership ability, a self-starter, one who is self-motivated and often self-employed and a risk-taker. You are more apt to be the author of your own destiny, and one likely to have many choices in life.

The Western Hemisphere The planets clustered in the western hemisphere suggests that you are highly adaptable to opportunities, but you are also somewhat dependent on others in many ways. You are passive or subtle in your actions, often permitting others to take the lead. You work best in a partnership or group employment mode, always having others involved in your destiny. You have a sense for taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to you, and because of this you usually make the most out of them.

The Southern Hemisphere The planets clustered in the southern hemisphere suggest that you are ambitious, career oriented, and generally want fame and recognition. You have an objective view of life that lets you enjoy working with others. You are very active in the outside world, having broad material values and goals. Little that you say or do escapes public view.

The Northern Hemisphere The planets clustered in the northern hemisphere suggest a very subjective view of life with personal privacy noted as important. You enjoy working alone because you are a little introspective and perhaps even introverted. So your accomplishments may often lack recognition. This more subjective view of matters can produce significant focus and thrust of action.

The Northeast Hemisphere When the planets occupy the northeast, you place great faith in your native abilities and you are less inclined to trust others with tasks that you feel you can do better on your own. You tend to be self-contained and highly subjective in your judgments. You place a great value on maintaining your privacy.

The Southeast Hemisphere Planets focused in the southeastern quarter of the chart shows a highly self-contained individual very much in control of his/her destiny. This is a very outward focussed grouping showing one who is totally willing to consider others in life situations. There is a tendency to seek self-fulfillment through sharing with others and success is measured not so much by your standards, but by what opinion others hold of you.

The Northwest Hemisphere Planets in a cluster in the northwestern quarter of the chart suggests that you are an adaptive, reative and practical individual. You will seek fulfillment through the development and expansion of your native talents and abilities in an attempt to improve upon some phase of life that you consider of particular importance. You are apt to be strongly influenced in this regard by others, and by acts that you yourself do not initiate.

The Southwest Hemisphere When planets occupy the southwestern quarter of the chart, actions in your life are open and exposed to others, and your activities are very much a matter of public attention and record. The achievement of any degree of self-realization requires that you give of yourself. Others will constantly prove to be a drain on your energies and resources. Though you may find yourself in the spotlight, you may always seem to lack complete control of matters.

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