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The Ascendant - Rising Sun (First House)

The Ascendant or the first house is the "house of the personality "as it deals with the physical aspects of a person.The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac which was on the eastern horizon, or rising on the horizon at the time of ones birth. The Ascendant distinguishes the different temperaments and the physical appearances in persons who are born on the same day, but at different times. Your Ascendant denotes the way you look at life. It is the impression of you perceived by those around you.

Click your Ascendant sign to know your personality traits

Aries  Aries

You are a personality who is positive, aggressive, and very competitive. You have a headstrong and aggressive mode . Mars is the ruling planet for Aries and is the significator of direct action and high energy. Its influence allows one to act on ideas the moment they are formed, without much hesitation and without much thought. You are likely to become bored or impatient if results don't come as readily as expected. You abandon a project to initiate something new just because it did not turn up to your expectations or calculations. There's a desire to continuously prove yourself through a constant series of endeavors, whether anything gets finished or not.

Physical activity is a necessity for you, and if you don't get it, energy is apt to escape in the form of temper, anger and frustration. You are keen, alert and possess quick reflexes. The influence of Mars produces individuals with above average athletic ability. The sign combines outstanding physical characteristics with a competitive spirit.

When out of control an Arian can be too impulsive and self-centered in an unthinking way. You are a champion of independence and freedom, but sometimes outspoken in your opinions.The aggressiveness of this sign often extends to mental outlook. Accordingly, you may do exceptionally well in circumstances requiring mental drive, ambition and cunning. Many leaders in business and the military can attribute their success to an Aries Ascendant.

Taurus  Taurus

The Ascendant rising in Taurus produces a personality which is stable, graceful and harmonious. The nature of Taurus is affectionate, steadfast and very loyal. You are an individual with very basic needs like good food, good sex, and a suitably luxurious place to live. This personality is passive and easygoing until pushed or encountered in a stressful mood. When finally provoked, Taurus is stubborn and rigid, and can display an uncontrollable bull-like temper. A Taurus is like a bull in a china-shop.

With Taurus on the rise, the majority of the time, your manner is slow and reserved. You are never one to take big chances. All reactions to proposed changes are carefully considered, and there is often resistance. You are very possessive and fixed in your convictions. Your steady and dependable methods insure that whatever project you undertake will be completed. You do any work of yours at your regulated pace without heeding to others interests and ideas.

You have a strong appreciation for the good things in life, and you never hesitate to indulge your desires. The planet Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is associated with love, beauty, ease of living, graciousness, and charm. Venus brings a high degree of diplomacy, tact, and sociability. From a more negative perspective, it can show laziness and self-indulgence. The sensual nature is hyperactive. Frequently, there is talent or at least a strong interest in singing or speaking.

Physically, there is a tendency toward being heavy and very strong. With this strength and body design comes endurance that is rarely surpassed. The stability and steadfastness of Taurus are characteristics of the earth element. You are apt to display a very practical and pleasure-seeking approach to life.
Gemini  Gemini

The Ascendant rising in Gemini produces a personality which is so witty and clever. Unfortunately, the nature is also anxious, high-strung and diffusive. With this lively sign on the rise, you need constant mental stimulation. This is because you cannot stand the thought of being bored, not even for a minute. You want to keep yourself surrounded with people, activities, and exciting situations. You are happiest when you are very busy and fully engaged in a variety of activities.

You are friendly and adaptable, but at times you can be temperamental and a little indecisive. Although you appear confident, inner assurance is not a natural trait.You are a wonderful conversationalist, and many natives of this sign become writers, reporters or active in some phase of communication. Like the metallic chemical Mercury (your ruling planet ), you are slippery and quick, extremely hard to pin down. Gemini is very clever. Physically, you are agile and well coordinated. Nervous activity keeps you slender. Your enthusiasm for change is a trait that makes you perpetually young and progressive of mind.

The symbol for Gemini is the twins, and this symbol depicts a duality in your nature.You can handle more than one job at a time. You tend to dart from one topic to another, from one task to the next, in and out of relationships. You are a collector of trivia and random information.Geminis are Jack of all trades but Master of none.

Cancer  Cancer

When the Ascendant is Cancer, it produces a personality which is very sensitive and a little on the timid side.The Moon, the Ruler of Cancer is the indicator of emotions, the feelings, and the sensitivities. It is also closely related to the mothering instinct. You are very protective of those who are close to you, as you are protective of yourself.

Being extremely receptive, you may be somewhat psychic or at least extremely sensitive to your environment. Your moods are very strong and changeable, much like the tidescaused by the Moon.You respond to life through feelings and emotions. You can become easily upset, but never stay that way for any length of time. When you are in control of your emotions, you can be the most understanding person one could hope to find. You are compassionate and receptive, in touch with those around you.

Like the crab, a Cancer Ascendant often chooses an indirect approach to meeting objectives. There is a tendency to retreat when directly confronted, but with a tenacity of purpose that is unsurpassed. Like the crab, you can protect yourself with a shell-like personality that can make you nearly unapproachable when you feel threatened.

You identify strongly with your family, and a solid home base is essential to your well-being.You can become very attached and sentimental about people, places, and belongings.You pick up the feelings of those around you. This makes you especially sensitive.
Leo  Leo
Leo rising produces a personality that is generous, warmhearted, and forceful. Having this sign for your Ascendant gives you a royal connection and a sense of control over most situations. You are a very open and active person, showing a very happy face when things are going well. Integrity, courage, and dignity are your chief traits, and your extroverted disposition helps you gain popularity in your circle.

Being fond of power and command, you sometimes attempt to dominate situations when it may not be called for. Even if you're not the one in charge, you carry yourself so proudly and almost seek recognition. You're so self-confident that you may be even a little careless at times.

Though you are quick tempered, you get over your upsets as quickly. Your personality is so engaging when everything is going well, but you are less well equipped to handle adversity.

You are stubborn, but not in an unpleasant or disagreeable way. You are romantic and sentimental, but sometimes a little foolhardy. You appreciate what people do for you, and you are a devoted friend who will remember and repay a kindness. You have royal tastes and a sense of luxury, prompting you to spend much to keep up appearances.

Virgo  Virgo

With Virgo as the Ascendant, you possess a mental acumen expressed in everyday practical affairs. Analytical and methodical in everything you do, you are very systematic in developing ideas and seeing projects through to completion. There is rarely a flaw in anything you do. You are a model of neatness and order. You are a master at handling all the boring matters others want to avoid. There is a tendency for you to become something of a workaholic. Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place for you to be comfortable.

As you love detail, you also love precision and order. You're refined in your conduct and habits. Unassuming in your behavior, you can be so modest that you may not get the credit you deserve. You prefer the role of a researcher, observer, critic, or teacher.You can become very restless and nervous, having difficulty learning to relax. Your restlessness, combined with a critical nature, sometimes results in fault findings.There is a tendency to focus on what is in the immediate present, often neglecting to form a vision for the future.
Libra  Libra

Libra rising produces a personality that is naturally diplomatic and sociable. Graciousness, compatibility, and sociability are your obvious traits.The primary quality associated with Libra is a strong sense of fair play. You can see both sides of any issue, and there is always a demand in your nature that justice be served. A good number of the world's most famous political leaders have Libra as their Ascendant.

They are good at debate, but are not likely to be too argumentative. Neatness and order must be maintained if they are to remain comfortable in any situation. You have such an even disposition, and so much charm, that you can usually please nearly everyone. You are one who reacts to others, and you are better suited to making your way by being agreeable .

On the negative side of Libra rising is the tendency to maintain the status quo. You want to avoid the disruption of change and avoid making waves. You may give in sometimes to the temptations of indolence. You may have a natural tendency to say what you think will please others, rather than what you really feel. Because of your inborn peace-loving and diplomatic tendencies, you are sometimes prone to fail in the primary job of taking care of others. You are not very good at aggressively advancing yourself.

Scorpio  Scorpio

Scorpio rising produces a personality that is deeply reserved, secretive and determined. The power of the personality emerging from a Scorpio Ascendant is so intense, magnetic, and charismatic, that it is often somewhat overwhelming. You have an external coat of armor that protects and lets you survive in very hostile situations.

Your personality is very powerful. People find you hard to understand, to know what you are thinking at any particular time. Much of the time you may feel as though you are misunderstood. You are very willful and self-reliant, appearing calm and in control on the surface. You are an emotional person. These emotions are very controlled, giving you the determination and the strength to overcome just about any opponent.

Resentment and jealousy can be intense with you. You always pursue your goals with intensity. You can make an instant diagnosis and it is usually the right one. The Scorpio personality is often over-sexed and often bent on revenge. Scorpio does get what it wants, when it wants it, most of the time.
Sagittarius   Sagittarius

Sagittarius rising produces a personality that is restless, outgoing, and very independent. This Ascendant is one that produces goal oriented individuals; people with a long-range outlook and philosophical attitude.You are apt to have a positive and optimistic outlook. You feel matters will turn out okay, no matter how large the challenge may be.

You have strong urges to cover vast distances, both physically and mentally. Usually, everything does turn out well for you. Your Ruling planet is Jupiter, considered the luckiest planet in the zodiac. Open and friendly, you are usually cheerful, interested, and jovial.

You take everything and everyone for granted. You don't even like dealing with your own problems, often ignoring them with an attitude that if you don't acknowledge these situations, they will go away. There may be a fear of disappointment in your makeup that can prevent you from seeing your path to success clearly.

Although you are an excellent abstract thinker, you are also very much an outdoor person. You love nature. In this vein, you are a very spiritual person.Your reasoning powers are superb. To be fulfilled, you need a constant challenge and goal. This sign enjoys the good fortune of having thought patterns that remain young and fresh throughout life.

Capricorn  Capricorn

Capricorn on the rise produces a personality that is serious, prudent and patient.The influence of the ruling planet Saturn suggests the most responsible type of personality.

You appear critical and cold because of an ethical and righteous attitude that duty must be done. This is a complex sign.You seem aloof and remote, yet an elegant quality may conceal an inherent shyness.

You may be somewhat a workaholic and expect those around you to share such dedication to duty. You can be judgmental of others on a variety of issues. This often strains personal relationships. Because you're such a perfectionist with your work, you procrastinate a great deal.

Capricorn on the rise produces an ambitious person. Yet you have more concern with your degree of prestige and status, than with the amount of money that achieving your goals may eventually bring. You seem very serious and old before your time while you are in your youth.

Like the Capricorn symbol, the Mountain Goat, you climb to the top in a very slow, sure-footed way, always staying on solid ground and taking your own time for it. There is much stability in your makeup and you rarely become discouraged, even when you are faced with frequent setbacks.
Aquarius  Aquarius

Aquarius rising produces a personality that is creative, independent and detached. Often, an unusual personality which is different . You are intelligent and in many ways an eccentric. You have a good mind that is spontaneous, inventive, original, and unique. Yet you always seem to operate on intuition and impulse, instead of a set plan. You are friendly and can always make significant contributions to group activities. Even in a group, you remain personally independent and somehow resist yielding to, or becoming part of the establishment.

The Aquarius personality expresses the most humanitarian instincts of the signs, but it does so in a very impersonal and detached manner. You care about people in a special way, while sometimes being accused of neglecting family and those closest to you.

Your original and free flowing spirit allows you to succeed at most intellectual pursuits. Yet you may have difficulties with everyday mundane affairs. You especially enjoy anything that involves helping some segment of society.

Pisces  Pisces

This Ascendant produces a personality that is idealistic, supersensitive, and usually a person with much vision. You may be very easygoing, at times you can even seem indolent; a romantic and a dreamer.

With Pisces on the rise you may be the type of person who frequently asks for advice, because you often lack the confidence to move ahead on your own, and you are so unsure of yourself.But you rarely take the advice you receive. You tend to dream your way through life. You are a very secretive person, in part because you are somewhat timid, a fact you hide with great skill. You have a strong inner need to serve others in your life's work and you can be really happy if you can do so. Often this sign denotes involvement or strong interest in music or another form of art. You are likely to set high goals and expect much from yourself and from those around you. Since you expect people to be perfect, you are often disappointed by them.

Pisces is a water sign and it is mutable, or adaptable. The sign of Pisces is the two fish, swimming in opposition directions. This symbolizes the difficulty that you may have in making decisions. Confrontation and clear-cut decisions are not easy for you to manage.