The Ascendant - Rising Sun (First House)

The first house rules the physical make-up of a person.This house represents as to how others view you.It gives details about your general temperament, and your physical appearance. It denotes how you perceive life.The first house is also called the house of self.

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Aries  Aries

People who have Aries as their first house are known to be very aggressive and adventurous as their ruling planet is Mars known for its fiery nature. Usually these people lack in tact and diplomacy when dealing with others. Ideas are converted into actions in no time and there is no moment left for a second thought in your life. Usually things are done in an impulsive and impatient manner. You like starting of new ventures and projects . But usually you do not stick to it when things do not happen the way you expected them to turn up. You need to vent up your stored enormous internal energy by some of physical activity like biking, racing, or other adventurous sports. Else they may show up in occasional temper tantrums. If your able to channel your internal energy in the right path then you can move mountains. You are found to be have a good mental drive and very ambitious. Leading business icons and military leaders have Aries rising in their natal chart.

Taurus  Taurus

Those with Taurus rising in the natal chart are found to be very stable, steadfast and loyal in life. You would be satisfied if you have good food, company and a luxurious lifestyle. You love to enjoy life to the maximum. Natives are generally passive but when provoked can turn into aggressive bulls. You never take impulsive decisions and all major changes in life are pre-planned and pre-mediated over a longer period of time. You are fixed in your convictions. You take great pains to finish any job which you have started. But the course of action would not be in a hurry but in a well-paced manner. You are known to be quite indulgent as your ruling planet is Venus which is associated with love, beauty and grace. You are also known to be lazy at times. Your sensitive nature is also more pronounced when compared to the other signs. Natives are usually heavily built when it comes to the physical structure. You are more connected to nature and earth as per your element. Great people in the financial field and those interested in gardening and antique collection have Taurus rising in their natal chart.

Gemini  Gemini

If you are born with Gemini as your rising sign, then life would never be dull as you are witty and very clever. But you need constant mental stimulation to keep going. You dislike solitude and hate boredom. You are known to be mentally aggressive. You always crave for exciting situations around you. You are a very sociable person but at times might lose your temper. You are adept in communication and talks that many with Gemini rising are Writers and Reporters of sorts. Like your ruling planet Mercury you are very slippery and difficult to handle. You usually outsmart those around you. Your physical make-up is very agile and you mostly remain slender. As your sun sign symbol you have a dual personality which is difficult to decipher. You are a storehouse of information and you like collecting and garnering data for almost any topic under the Sun.

Cancer  Cancer

With Moon as your rising sign you are likely to be very sensitive and emotional. You are linked to emotions and feelings. You also have the motherly instinct deep down inside that you are protective of those closely connected with you. At times you are likely to show some psychic tendencies as well. Your moods are likely to change with the tide - several times a day. At times your emotions cloud your thoughts that constructive thnking is marred. But you are likely to be very compassionate and receptive. Just like a crab you have the tendency to retract and withdraw when cornered or confronted. You like developing your family around a strong base. But you need to stay away from too much of negative energy as this is likely to take a toll on your emotions as well. Food is found to be your forte.

Leo  Leo

With Leo as your first house in the natal chart you are likely to have royal connections. You are known for your generosity and warm--heartedness. With Sun as your ruler you always have a very sunny disposition. You like to charm people around with your wits and money. You have the best virtues in life. Sun, being the lord of all planets, you usually like to rule or dominate situations around you. Proud and self-confidence might weigh you down at times. You are also known to lose your temper at the slightest instant. When the going is easy everything is well with you but when confronted with adversity you cannot handle situations. Being extravagant and stubborn are some of your negative points that need to be kept under check. You are very romantic and make a good friend or partner. You also like to live in the limelight that at times it would be difficult for you to come down to earthly matters.

Virgo  Virgo

Virgo rising in their natal chart personalities are practical in nature. Natives are usually quiet, unassuming and do not have a crude personality but rather refined. You are very systematic when planning and executing your works. There would be no errors in your works as you work to the finest detail. Cleanliness and neatness come naturally to you. You are known to a workaholic and you need things to be where they ought to be. Else you become very irritant. You are very refined in nature and precision is your keyword. Researchers, critics and teachers are usually born with Virgo rising in their natal charts.

Fault-finding is your important negative trait. You do not know how to relax in life and hence prone to nervous disorders or sorts. You tend to criticize those around you and is at times found to be fussy over trivial matters. You live in the present and do not have a long term vision. You put up a show as if you are an intellect when actually you aren't...

Libra  Libra

If you are born with Libra as your Ascendant house then you would be social, very diplomatic and full of grace. You see both the sides of any problems and judging and balancing come naturally to you. The world's greatest political leaders and those in the law field are generally born under Libra Ascendant. You are good in debates and is also equally good when confronted with cooperative ventures. You love harmony at work and home. You need neatness and order in all that you do. You like to please those around you with your charming manners and looks. But on the negative side you do not like major changes in your life. You are not that aggressive in life that others might overtake you in the long run. You need to realize your stand and act accordingly.

Scorpio  Scorpio

Scorpio rising natives are usually very secretive, charismatic and magnetic in nature. They have a very hard outer self that protects them in difficult times. You are someone who cannot be bogged down by tricky circumstances in life. You stand tall in times of hostility and use your sting when things go awry. You have a deep personal inside story that others around you find it very difficult to decipher. You look to be very calm and composed but on the inside you are a very emotional personality. You pursue your goals with diligent works and cannot be distracted. Hatred and jealousy are in your flesh and bones that you cannot be separated from these traits. You are suspicious in nature and when you have made a decision it usually is correct. Scorpio rising individuals are said to be very sexual as well. In general you are one who ought to be taken very seriously in life by the others.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius

Those with Sagittarius rising in their natal chart are goal- oriented natives who also have a philosophical bend to their thoughts and actions. You are very optimistic and you plan on a long term basis. Challenges do not bother you as you know that things will not always stay as they are now. You like travelling a lot. Your ruling planet Jupiter makes you a happy guy in life and you are usually very cheerful come what may. You hate pessimism and people with this mentality. You take everything and everyone under the Sun for granted, a negative trait to point out. You usually shove off problems of yourself and those around you. You have the attitude that time shall turn things the other way round. You love outdoor adventurous tasks and is an equally good thinker and avid reader. You are also much spiritually inclined when compared to the other zodiacs. You are direct and blunt that you do not heed to hurting the feeling and senses of others. You have good reasoning skill-sets and you love challenges around you. You look young and fresh all through your life.

Capricorn  Capricorn

If you are born with Capricorn as your Ascendant, then you are a serious and patient personality. With Saturn as your ruling planet you would be more responsible. At times you appear to be too cold, reserved and a workaholic. You are a very complex personality who cannot be understood easily. You are found to be a solitary bird and is very timid and shy in nature. Work takes the centre-stage in your life. You are too judgmental of others that there would be some strains in your relationships. Procrastination comes naturally to you and you are a bit conservative too. You are very ambitious in your professional life and you seek name and fame rather than monetary results and benefits. There would be stability in your life like your symbol- mountain goat, you take one step at a time and you always try to land on solid ground. In general you are a very successful person in life.

Aquarius  Aquarius

Aquarius as their Ascendant house natives are usually found to be very independent and creative with life. You would be an eccentric to a certain extent and is said to act impulsively rather than on a pre-planned or pre-mediated one. You do not like your hands and mind tied up and like total freedom in whatever you do. You like being in a group but still maintain your individual profile. You are said to be humanitarian in nature but when it comes to personal life you remain aloof and is very insensitive. Home and family are mostly neglected by you and you are a reformer of sorts when it comes to a larger picture. You are interested in completely out-of-the box experiences and you pursue intellectually appealing things in life. Mundane matters usually do not bother you. You like to do something better for humanity as a whole but your inner circle usually feel neglected and side-lined.

Pisces  Pisces

If you have Pisces rising in your natal chart then you are a very sensitive person and have a clear vision of your future. Yet you do not care for the reality and is found to be dreamer of sorts. You lack self-confidence in life and is generally found knocking on other's doors for advise and help. But you do not heed to their advises at any cost. You like serving others often without any due credits. But you are bothered for it. You are a very secretive person who likes to keep secrets close to yourself. With Neptune as your ruler, you are found to have a keen interest in artistic pursuits. You like making unrealistic goals and working towards the same. You want others to be perfect. But you are adaptable to situations - a positive trait. You lack decision-making skills but your intuition usually comes in handy in times of need. You are much of a naive person when compared to the other Ascendant natives.