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new moon NEW MOONS - 2004

The New Moon is an excellent time to begin new projects and works. It is said to be an auspicious day in most countries around the world. Important tasks that matter to you can be begun on this day. Go ahead and start that action on the first light of the New Moon. It would reward you handsomely.

January 21 at 4:08 PM* in Aquarius

February 20 at 4:21 AM in Pisces

March 20 at 5:46 PM in Aries

April 19 at 9:26 AM in Taurus

May 19 at 0:53 AM in Taurus

June 17 at 4:27 PM in Gemini

July 17 at 7:23 AM in Cancer

August 15 at 9:24 PM in Leo

September 14 at 10:27 AM in Virgo

October 13 at 10:50 PM in Libra

November 12 at 9:27 AM in Scorpio

December 11 at 8:30 PM in Sagittarius

(* time- Eastern USA)
new moonFULL MOONS - 2004

The Full Moon brings any activity to a peak. It is a great time for a business and services alike. It is also a good time to stage an event where you want to attract lots of attention and emotional participation like a marriage, a get together,etc. The effects of the Full Moon start the day before and can last for up to three days after that.

January 7 at 10:37 AM* in Cancer

February 6 at 3:46 AM in Leo

March 6 at 6:13 PM in Virgo

April 5 at 7:02 AM in Libra

May 4 at 4:32 PM in Scorpio

June 3 at 0:21 AM in Sagittarius

July 2 at 7:11 AM in Capricorn

July 31 at 2:08 PM in Aquarius

August 29 at 10:23 PM in Pisces

September 28 at 9:13 AM in Aries

October 27 at 11:08 PM in Taurus

November 26 at 3:11 PM in Gemini

December 26 at 10:07 AM in Cancer

(* time- Eastern USA)

During "Mercury Retrograde" periods there is an inverse relationship between hurrying and true accomplishment of an event. No matter how hard you strive to reach the goal, you shall be left further backwards only.  In practical terms, it is a good time to finish old business. It's a excellent time to reconsider, renew, review, reconcile, re-explore .

    Any unfinished or unsuccessful project of the past can be now brought to the forefront and given a new fresh try. Get rid of old junkbe it personal or job-related. This is a good time to return to procedures that worked well for you in the past. This is also a highly auspicious time of year for success. And, since the planet Mercury has an affinity for the winds, we can expect stormy weather and wind patterns to change on or around the beginning and ending of Mercury Retrograde Periods.

December 17, 2003 in Capricorn until January 6, 2004 in Sagittarius

April 6, 2004 in Taurus until April 30, 2004 in Aries

August 10, 2004 in Virgo until September 2, 2004 in Leo

November 30, 2004 in Sagittarius until December 20, 2004 in Sagittarius.


When a planet appears to moving backwards in the zodiac belt, it is said to be "retrograde." This takes place when planets are far away from the sun and closer to the earth. Retrograde planets indicate a zig zag pattern of energy and a need to take one step back before taking two steps forward. When a planet is retrograde there is a re coil at work. Retrograde planets represent lack of perspective and diminished perspective. Things don't always come fast when the associated planet is retrograde, but it doesn't mean total denial of something.

Retrogrades have a triple cycle. There is the period before retrograde, then the retrograde period, and finally the period after retrograde. These are the relate, regress and revive periods.

   The relate period begins the last time the planet was at the direct position and ends when the planet goes retrograde. The regress period iswhen the planet is retrograde. The revive period begins when the planet goes direct and ends when the planet returns to the retrograde starting position.What has been realized during the relate period will be retraced during the regressperiod and repaired during the revive period.

Retrograde periods of the respective planets
till 6
6 to 30
from 10
to 2
from 30
to 20
from 17
to 29
from 3
to 5
till 7
from 8
from 10
to 11
from 17
to 24
from 24
to 30

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