Sagittarius - Second Decan:

Period: December 3rd - 12th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler : Mars

Sagittarius Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Sagittarius belongs to Aries and is ruled over by the planet Mars. Natives of this decan are very brave, frank and headstrong. They make either good sportsperson or better soldiers. They are born for action and is full of dynamism. They love challenges of sorts and have much hidden energy. They have an androgenous affinity and are aggressive and full of strength. They like to make a mark in a novel way.

Natives of this decan have clear ambitions in life and sprint towards the same. However you are said to be very impulsive which ought to be avoided at all costs. Patience is not in your vocabulary. Also you hate the rich, the bossy ones and like to mingle with the down-to-earth people. You like positive people and get bored easily if not entertained in your mode.

Others term you as callous, stubborn and very short-tempered. You are loyal to family and friends though. However for others you are quite revengeful and hold grudges for long. You do not forgive others easily. You are also very possessive in nature and can go to any lengths to secure your relationships.

Celebrities of Sagittarius Second Decan:

• Amanda Seyfried

• Ozzy Osbourne

• Tyra Banks

• Jay-Z

• Walt Disney

• Teri Hatcher

• Jim Morrison

• Kurt Angle

• John Malkovich

•  Kirk Douglas

• John Kerry

• Frank Sinatra

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