Sagittarius - First Decan:

Period: November 23rd - December 2nd

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler :Jupiter

Sagittarius First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Natives born under the first decan of Sagittarius are ruled over by the planet Jupiter. They are people of better responsibility and make committed and loyal citizens. They are found to be quite adventurous but seem to be tactless and un-diplomatic in relationships. They are highly ambitious and love to learn anything under the Sun.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, you have luck and fortune by your side and there would be no dearth for finances. Gambling and speculative deals give you good rewards. Even if you are steeped in trouble you would always have a helping hand around. You are an optimist and sees an opportunity in even troubled or rough seas. You do not hold onto grudges, forgive and forget is your motto, quite a good thing for a peaceful mind.

You are a good shoulder to rest upon for family and friends. You cheer them up when they are in trouble. You teach them how to overcome challenges in life. You are generous, kind and have a good sense of humor that drives those in front of you crazy. You are generous when it comes to your well-wishers. You would be ready to give your time and space as well.

Natives are usually found to be into social or charity works. They have a heart of gold they say. They are very honest, and sometimes this might backfire on them. Not everyone would take their genuine comments to their heart easily. They need to act diplomatically.

Celebrities of Sagittarius First Decan:

• Miley Cyrus

•  Johnny Mandel

•  Dale Carnegie

• Amy Grant

• Tina Turner

• Bruce Lee,

• C.S. Lewis

• Clay Aiken

•  Winston Churchill

•  Mark Twain

• Jonathan Swift

• Woody Allen

• Britney Spears

• Monica Seles

• Gianni Versace

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