Venus, is the planet of love which rules how you handle relationships, especially related to love and marriage. It rules your expression of romance and emotions. Venus also rules artistic inclinations, that is how you visualize art and beauty.Usually Venus stays together with the Sun in the natal chart. Then there would be a stability in your perception of love and art. However when it is in a different zodiac house Venus overrules Sun in the romantic side.

Aries  ARIES
venus in aries

An Aries Venus makes you very assertive when it comes to love and romance. You are demonstrative and yearn for constant excitement in your love life. You are a fun-loving person who is outgoing and cheerful and make a wonderful romantic partner. You flirt around and sometimes makes it a tough competition for others to win over certain people.

When things are not that good in your love front, then you turn moody. You easily attract your partner. Adventure would be found in your love-making. Love at first sight is your motto. You are very impulsive and sometimes do not stick to your romance or partner for long. However natives are found to settle down earlier than others romantic relationships.

Taurus  TAURUS
venus in taurus

Venus placed in the house of Taurus in your natal chart makes you very practical and stable in love relationships. When you start loving it would be very simple but the relationship would be deep and serious. You are a good partner and is fun to have love with. You are found to be easygoing and happy always.

However you are likely to over-indulge in sensual and material pleasures at times. You have a weakness for the best in everything that is luxurious. You have a good sexual drive as well. You are loyal to the end and your relationships are long-lasting ones. On the flip side you would be possessive as well when you are cornered.

Gemini  GEMINI
venus in gemini

Venus placed in the house of Gemini, makes the native interested in variety in his/her love endeavours. You are very social and flirt at times. You attract people by your sheer conversations. You would be very restless and nervous when it comes to deciding on relationships. You do not settle down with one partner in life and like experimenting with multiple partners.

You have a naive approach for romance. You are optimistic in love relationships but it is hard for you to hold on to a partner for long. Only those who understand you fully can get along well with you. Partners who are very much younger than you usually do not last long with you. Despite settling down in a relationship, the other side always seems to be greener for you, that you start flirting in life.

Cancer  CANCER
venus in caner

With Venus posited in the house of Cancer, you are a very sensitive personality. You easily get hurt in relationships. You are kind, sympathetic, tender in heart, yet you have fluctuating emotions that do not let you settle down. You display a motherly love towards your partner. You want a stable relationship and partner to be demonstrative. Home is first love to you.

Emotions rule the roost in your life that disappointments make you sullen and withdrawn. Your ideas of an ideal partner would be rare to achieve in real life. But once you find your real love then that relationship becomes permanent.

Leo  LEO
venus in leo

A Leo Venus shows the native with a sense of pride in relationships. You are good-hearted, love, fun and self-expression easily flows from you. Yet you need to be the centre of attraction in any relationship. You have a charisma that attracts partners easily. When in a good relationship, you are the happiest person on earth.

This placement makes the native very sincere and loyal in relationships. Much romance, glamour would be involved. You cannot take up break-ups easily as you are very committed and put your heart and soul into a relationship. You do not flirt easily. However you desire being admired and noticed.

Virgo  VIRGO
venus in virgo

Venus in the house of Virgo, makes you to critically analyse and examine emotions and relationships. Though you seem to be cool you are romantically shy on the inside. You keep your emotions under check as you want to play it safe in relationships. You have a hidden charm inside.

You do not mess up with relationships and have a clear-cut well-organized emotional relationship with those around you. You want truth in relationships and is very committed as well. You are not demonstrative of your feelings but like to be a practical help for partner. You want to be your partner to be the best in life, want him or her to be best dressed, best appeared, etc. You hate when they do not mete out your aspirations about them.

Libra  LIBRA
venus in libra

When Venus is in its natural house of Libra, then it is the best placement. The native would be able to sense the feelings of others and would be having an aesthetic appeal. You are very romantic but not much practical. You are a social bird, you fall in love easily without much forethought. You hate disharmony in love life.

You are a charming personality and would be able to woo your partner easily. Seduction is an important trait of this position. However when there are rifts in relationships you find it difficult to handle. You love peace and harmony in relationships. A happy relationship would be your top priority in life. You would take all pains to remain fully devoted to partner come what may.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
venus in scorpio

With Venus placed in the house of Scorpio, you would be very romantic, possessive, determined and jealous as well. There would be much intensity involved and your sexual drive would also be the maximum when compared to the other placements. You are totally committed and expect the same in return. There is no going back on this terms.

You take emotions, feelings and romance too seriously. You have a strong sense of pride when it comes to relationships. Your possessive nature makes you to totally control and make demands from your partner. You display physical aggression as well when things go out of hand.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
venus in sagittarius

Venus in the house of Sagittarius makes you have a very friendly approach towards relationships and love. You are social and flirt, yet you are not that serious when it comes to commitment in a relationship. You want total freedom and independence in life that you find it difficult to stay in a committed relationship that binds souls.

You like a slow-paced relationship that is way too casual as well. When your freedom comes under attack in a relationship then it makes you too nervous. You find all means to get out of the same as soon as possible. You rarely show your emotions and feelings outside. You do not hold back grudges. You treat your partner as a friend, given that your space is given in the right sense.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
venus in capricorn

When Venus is placed in the house of Capricorn in your natal chart you become very serious when relationships are concerned. You have a strong sense of emotions and feelings inside but you do not show them explicitly. You hide your emotions for the fear of being rejected or left out in life.

This position also calls for prestige and position in life. Hence your love life would be related to the professional field as well. You need your partner for professional growth as well. You have a deep committed and is loyal and steadfast in your love moves.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
venus in aquarius

With Venus placed in the house of Aquarius you have a soft and cool approach towards love and marriage. You have out-of the box ideas when it comes to love and relationships. You set up your own rules regarding this and do not bother about others. You make friends easily. But you do not let your emotions out. You are not that romantic in life and remain aloof most of the time. Yet friends later become partners in life for you.

If at all there is a love spark in your life, then it vanishes as fast as it started off. You are non-committal in marriages and usually this placement makes the natives have a later marriage. You want your own private space and freedom when in a relationship. You also give your partners their independence in life. Usually your relationships succeed on a positive note.

Pisces  PISCES
venus in pisces

Venus posited in the house of Pisces makes you a very compassionate lover in life. There would be frequent ups and down s in your love life. You have a strong craving for love and need to be loved at all times. You are highly sensitive and need a caring and comforting partner in life. You have a charm and grace that attracts the opposite sex to you.

You are ready to make sacrifices in marriage or relationships. You rare attracted to the less fortunate in life. However your partners are likely to take advantage of your compassionate nature. You get hurt easily and suffer in silence. Your sensitive nature makes you more vulnerable in relationships. But artistic pursuits would give you the much needed comfort or solace when dealing with a break-up.



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