Saturn spends around two and half years in one house of the zodiac sky. Hence the placement of Saturn in your natal chart makes you share certain traits with people belonging to your age group. Saturn rules the tenth house of profession and career and is lord of the house of Capricorn. Hence Saturn rules your growth in professional life and the hindrances you might encounter on the way.

Saturn is a planet that takes care of the restrictions and inhibitions in life. The effects of Saturn are more pronounced when Capricorn is the first house or Ascendant.

Aries  ARIES
saturn in aries

With Saturn placed in the house of Aries in your natal chart, you would be taking much responsibility on your shoulders very early in life. Yet there would be hindrances for your progress and you would take time to assert yourself to the public. You are prone to worries, anxieties and anger. But on the outside you seem to be cool-headed. You suffer from inferiority complex yet you have a sense of responsibility with life. In general, this placement denotes a suppression of the aggressive nature of Aries.

Taurus  TAURUS
saturn in taurus

Saturn in the house of Taurus, makes you need more financial security and guarantee in life. You would be very thrifty, yet there would not be much financial gains in life. You need your routine life unaffected for peace and happiness in life. You are a very disciplined personality. You are very patient and work hard for a living. Natives usually do well in the filed of business or politics. Also natives show a liking for fine arts.

Gemini  GEMINI
saturn in gemini

Saturn posited in the house of Gemini, makes you to well adapt to situations in life. You encounter problems with a good sense of control and reasoning. You have an excellent mathematical and scientific bend. However the natives suffer in studies and communication in their early life. This placement makes it hard for learning , yet once learned then it is there to stay. Natives usually do well in business deals and produce excellent results.

Cancer  CANCER
saturn in caner

When Saturn is placed in the house of Cancer, the native would be restricted to express his inner emotions and feelings to the outside world. You hide your inner self. Home and family mean the most to you and you would sacrifice your life for this. However you would not be able to expect the reciprocal from family on this matter. Though much love would be involved, feelings would be kept hidden under the shell of the crab. Success in life usually eludes these natives.

Leo  LEO
saturn in leo

When Saturn is placed in the house of Leo, you yearn for recognition and fame in life. You like to lead and do not like to follow others. You have unattainable expectations on others around you. You are a strict disciplinarian that those in personal and professional circles feel getting hemmed up. Personal life suffers a lot for lack of understanding and compromises. You have a stubborn and reserved persona on the outside that those below you find it difficult to approach you. Saturn's placement in the house of Leo, brings down the highest self-esteem beheld by this sign. Natives need to maintain their image in a positive sense.

Virgo  VIRGO
saturn in virgo

When Saturn is placed in the house of Virgo, you become very practical with life. You are a very serious personality and work is your prime aim in life. You find difficulty in taking important decisions in life. However you are good in research and analytical works. You worry about the simplest matters in life. Your financial future remains strong thanks to your meticulous planning. Your aim for perfection makes you to underestimate your real potential and talents.

Libra  LIBRA
saturn in libra

With Saturn in the house of Libra, you are much committed to justice and balance in life. Diplomacy and tact are your key points in life. You like to co-operate with others in your personal and professional life. But this placement usually causes a delayed marriage in the life of the natives. Only hard work and commitment shall do betterment with your relationships. You need to socialize much for betterment in life. This is because at times you feel let down and love seems to be elusive in your front and solitude bothers you.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
saturn in scorpio

Saturn posited in the house of Scorpio, in your natal chart makes you very impatient but intense in your pursuits. You would be loaded with much energy and stamina to keep things going that you take more responsibility than you can handle. Hence you demand much from others and from your own self. You are secretive like a Scorpion, yet you succeed with your sheer will power and determination. But you are never found calm and cool and poised.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
saturn in sagittarius

When Saturn is posited in the house of Sagittarius, it makes the native more involved with religion and philosophy. You have great principles in life and aim to get a better reputation in the society around you. Though higher studies might elude you, you have great leadership qualities to rise up to the higher rungs of the corporate ladder. This placement of Saturn also produces a sense of skepticism.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
saturn in capricorn

Saturn placed in the house of Capricorn , its natural house makes you more thirsty for power and authority. Career means everything to you and you make all means to make sure that you excel in it. You invest your finances and energy into this. You do not shirk away from responsibilities. However you do not like to delegate your works to sub-ordinates as you do not trust them. You are free from emotional turmoil in your profession. There would be sheer determination that you would slowly climb the ladder but the rise would be stable and steady though late in life.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
saturn in aquarius

Saturn in the house of Aquarius, makes you get conservative ideas in life. You have high concentration powers along with scientific and mathematical bent. You make a good friend and is stable and loyal till the end. This placement makes the native, sort of pessimistic with life. Native would be a medley of futuristic as well as conservative thoughts which clash often. Natives show a tendency towards social and charity works. Not much of socializing is involved, you rather choose to remain aloof in life.

Pisces  PISCES
saturn in pisces

With Saturn posited in the house of Pisces, you would be highly sensitive and vulnerable in life. You would be more of a pessimist looking at the thorns rather than at the roses. You seem let down at times, but if you learn to channelize your sensitivity properly then there would be none to beat you in life. You are very compassionate and kind to all around. Religious pursuits give the much needed solace for you. You have much stagnant creativity which needs to be taken to the fore for goodness in life.



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