Neptune is a planet that is said to be a bridge for each generation connecting it to its fate or destiny. Neptune influences extra-sensory perceptions and hence is connected with the illusory world out there and it has to do more with our spirits rather than our physical senses. Neptune rules over our dreams and visions in life.

If Neptune is strong in your chart then you would have spiritual and mystical pursuits in life. Neptune also has to do with all sorts of entertainment, the fantasy world in short. Neptune rules over the house of Pisces. Neptune on the flip side also rules over substance abuse, all sorts of vices, deceits that might entangle the lives of people.

But then Neptune is also said to bring out the compassionate nature in ourselves and is connected with divine love and service to humanity. Neptune's effect on us would be subtle and it holds the mystery or secrets around us.

Neptune takes about 14 years or so to transit one zodiac house. Hence it is said to rule over generations and it reigns over their nature and core themes and is not concerned with personal lives. Neptune is in the house of Pisces from 2012 to 2025.

Aries  ARIES
neptune in aries

When Neptune is placed in the house of Aries in your natal chart then you would be much energetic and impressive. Religious values would be stronger and you go lengths to woo people to your faith or belief. Native likes to give people a new sense of perception of life which might be brought about by crusades.

With this placement of Neptune, the natives question age-old traditions and beliefs. They do whatever they do very passionately and might be deceived by others in the act. They are found to seek alternative sources for almost everything under the Sun. They bring about major changes in the field of arts as they have a penchant for this. Their survival instincts would be the best when compared to the other zodiacs.

Being in an aggressive sign, Neptune brings about a warring sense in the natives. Physical prowess means all to them. They wage a constant battle against all spiritual and psychic forces. Their brawns are great and they prove their heroism everywhere. Some may go the extra mile without thinking about the consequences. Impulsiveness is their negative point.

Taurus  TAURUS
neptune in taurus

With Neptune placed in the house of Taurus in the natal chart your life revolves around material resources and garnering them. You have a craze for things that you hoard them up. Most of your would be practical and down to earth citizens. They face challenges head-on and achieve even the impossible. Many of the natives have an eye for art, beauty and nature. However their sensual indulges is a negative point to consider. Some are found to over-indulge in drugs or alcoholism.

Neptune in Taurus makes the individuals to have lofty ideas which they involve in their day to day lives. They like to bring about major changes in their environment and society. They have a great sense of aesthetics, that they hate anything that is not eye-catching or crowd-pulling. Some struggle with their finances owing to their over-indulgence with money. Nature attracts them a lot and many with a Taurus Neptune are found to settle down in idyllic nature resorts and islands across the globe. They have a clear demarcation understanding between the practical and fantasy in life.

Gemini  GEMINI
neptune in gemini

Neptune in the house of Gemini makes the natives good in communication and research. Logical reasoning comes naturally to them. However they have an ideal thought about the world which is far from the truth that they get fooled by them. They are highly passionate individuals.

A Neptune Gemini has a good mental aptitude. They have a liking for spirituality and occult sciences. They make good speakers and some have an aptitude for mechanics, math and the like. But then they have a swaying mind and they keep hopping from one idea to another that they lag back in financials and professional positions. Some of them may land up in great losses as others might take an advantage of them.

Neptune in Gemini makes the natives all but great talkers that they fail when it comes to practicality. They need to put great effort and hard work to keep going in life. Some need to refrain from making small talks and gossips to climb high up the ladder of success.

Cancer  CANCER
neptune in caner

When Neptune is placed in the house of Cancer then the natives have a weakness towards family and cooking. They are known to make great meals but should be aware of health issues too. Some of them would turn out to be great nationalists. Family and mothering natures comes naturally to them.

They are said to be highly emotional and sensitive that relationships might suffer in their lives. If they ought to enjoy life then they should give up high hopes and estimates of their family. Some natives might suffer from psychic disorders as well. Tradition matters more in their lives. They make sure that they bind their family together at all costs.

Neptune in Cancer makes them sensitive to the feelings of those around. They make great counselors and friends for life. However their self-indulgence might land them in substance abuse which they should be ready to ward off in the initial stages. Else they may fall prey to the same. Finances also play an important aspect of those people who have Neptune in Caner.

Leo  LEO
neptune in leo

Neptune in the house of Leo makes the natives very extravagant and showy in life. They have an attractive personality that people are drawn towards them. They have a linking for film and drama and their creativity is quite high. They like to dominate the limelight at all times. However many of them are lovable and generous in life. They make great partners and friends, but then some may falter in love relationships.

Impulsive actions might harm these natives. Neptune in Leo would restrain the financials of the natives. Many would be successful in artistic pursuits. Most of them have a fancy for fantasy in life that they fail. They should learn to face reality head-on. Most of them have a liking for children and their related fields as they hate adult topics and company. Natives have a penchant for problem solving.

Neptune in Leo would make the individuals yearn for public fame and name. If not got then they cringe. They are born leaders and have a natural following. Many great leaders of great charisma have Neptune in their house of Leo.

Virgo  VIRGO
neptune in virgo

Neptune in the house of Virgo makes the personalities have an affinity towards healing, and health. Most of them make great physicians. However some may become too compulsive about diseases and health that they become psychics. Family means a lot to the natives and they love to live life surrounded by family members. It gives a sense of security for these perfectionists in life. Most of them have an obsessive nature towards health and hygiene. The natural world attracts them a lot.

For most natives their critical and analytical nature might come in the way of relationships. They are open in their opinions that might hurt others' feelings in the way. Some of them overtly serve others and in the mean time forget about their own health and life.

A Virgo Neptune gives the natives high levels of spirituality and prophetic tendencies as well. They are staunch supporters of environment and a pollution-free world. They have their own standards as to general living. Most of them look for finer details that they lose the bigger picture out there. Some natives are fanatics in religion and conservation.

Libra  LIBRA
neptune in libra

Neptune in the house of Libra makes the natives yearn for relationships and partnership with others in life. But they need to learn that only a change of mind and some sacrifices can bring this about. They need to learn to compromise with life. Most of the natives are strict disciplinarians and make great politicians as well. Harmony in life would be their keyword.

Neptune in Libra would give the natives a liking for fine arts. Some would turn highly spiritual and some would go in for highly clandestine jobs. Their week emotions stand in their way of development. Most of them hover around without any deep meaning or efforts in life. They love to have peace around them and make all efforts to achieve the same. They are said to have no affinity towards a particular religion and like to take the best from all forms of spirituality.

Their indecisive nature comes in the way of progress. Most of them need perfection in life that they do not realize the reality of life and its consequences. They should also learn that idealism can only be in books. Else they might need to make sacrifices en-route in their lives. They are hard workers and hate to relax and enjoy life.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
neptune in scorpio

When Scorpio is posited with Neptune in the natal chart then the natives have a bent towards the darker side of life. Most of them are interested in deep spiritual practices and the occult sciences and secrets. They are highly sensuous and sexuality would be taken to be important in life. Yoga, meditation and other Eastern philosophies attract them.

Neptune in Scorpio makes the individuals to be highly passionate in whatever they do. The paranormal experiences and other mystical beliefs enthrall them. There would be a constant inner battle for the natives. They like to explore the secrets of humanity and the soul at large. Some of them are found to lose themselves to substance abuse and they are found to have a sharp temper that varies with time. If they channel their energy properly then they would have the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of life and the cosmos at large. Life would be a constant challenge with many with Neptune in Libra.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
neptune in sagittarius

With Neptune in Sagittarius, the natives have great psychic powers and a great sense of perception. They love freedom and independence in life. Most of them have a better understanding of life but some might turn too emotional . They love to have fun and joy and adventure attracts them. They are individuals who crave for idealism in life.

Natives have a liking for a tolerant society and work towards that. However they should not deviate from knowing reality. If they put in much effort then they can face challenges in life easily. Neptune in Sagittarius brings about a sense of fear of future or danger in life. Hence natives should steer clear of all these. Many of them would have reached the higher levels in religion or philosophy. Esoteric sciences and prophecies also attract them. But natives are advised to remain practical in life.

Some with Neptune in Sagittarius turn fanatics. But if they understand the principles of life and its consequences then they turn much compassionate in life and work for the goodness of the poor and downtrodden. They can be easily hoodwinked.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
neptune in capricorn

When Neptune is in the house of Capricorn, the individuals would be very refined in life. Success, name and fame do not go to their heads easily. However they like to attain all these and know the ways and means to make money. Natives are hard workers and give all their might in whatever they do. They do their work to perfection and love details.

However some natives with this placement might drift towards secret works and may fall in life. They are found to be straight-forward and are not known to show any compassion. They are highly conservative and stick to traditional customs and beliefs. Some would have a penchant for art and music though.

Neptune in Capricorn would help the individuals in do well in their career life. Positions of authority suits them well. But then they yearn for idealism and perfection in workplace which would be far from reality.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
neptune in aquarius

Neptune in the house of Aquarius would be all about freedom in life. Natives would make great friends for life. They have a great passion for life, however they are found to be self-centered and have selfish motives as well. Neptune in Aquarius makes the individuals highly unconventional and they think out of the box. They do not confirm to regular standards in life. They have their own way.

A Neptune Aquarius makes the natives great visionaries in life that they go the extra mile to save humanity and protect it from all wraths. They make great humanitarians and do what they can to the downtrodden in life. They are more awed by modern technological advancements and devises. Natives do not stick to traditional values and instead rebel against them. They have a mixed opinion when it comes to science and spiritualism. Most of them are not much interested in religious beliefs.

Pisces  PISCES
neptune in pisces

Pisces having Neptune in the natal chart would make the individuals selfless personalities in life. They like to serve others without much fun-fare and returns. They are ready to sacrifice anything for doing good to others. They prefer the backbench and are not born to lead. However they have great artistic skills. Some may fall back on addiction issues.

Neptune in Pisces also makes the natives more dependant on others that their individuality would be at stake. Mystic occult sciences enthrall them and some have extraordinary abilities in this field. They have a different perception of life when compared to the other zodiacs. Some would be highly conscious to the environment around them that they go any length to protect the same. They hate physical and mental pains in life and work to alleviate it from others.

A Pisces Neptune also makes them highly sensitive to the feeling of others and they are emotional to the core. When it comes to a problem it would be a do or die situation for them. They put in all their efforts to come out successful in their ventures. But then some of them might lose their cool at the slightest look of a loss. The cause and quality matters to them more than quantity in life.



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