The position of Moon in one's natal chart also holds great significance in astrology, much like the Sun sign. The Moon's position gets much importance in Indian astrology and is termed as the Rasi. The Moon rules one's emotional nature. It denotes your feelings and your subconscious-self that lies deep inside you.

The Moon rules as to how you respond to or react to those around you in a larger sense. But the influence of Moon is said to be very subtle when compared to the other planets and stars in astrology.

Aries  ARIES
moon in aries

With the Moon posited in the house of Aries, you are said to be very assertive in life. You take life as an adventure and you are loaded with energy. You have the drive to achieve success in life. There would be a clash of your ego and feelings at times. You are highly sensitive and you would flare up at the lightest ignition.

You make impatient decisions without much forethought. You have an active mind and there is less planning. Though you are loved by people you have that rogue character inside you. You are generally detached from people and you live in your own world. You do not heed to the advise of others. Though externally you seem to be much independent you have a sense of insecurity hidden deep within you.

You have a competitive spirit and take life as a challenge. You rarely give in on anything. Compromise is something that is out of your books. You cannot see the view point of others around you.

Taurus  TAURUS
moon in taurus

With the Moon placed in the house of Taurus, you would give much importance to material life. This position calls for the best things in life. You are said to a hoarder of material things. You are a very practical person. Business rather than the services come naturally to you and you are good in making money.

You are a stable character and you do not give your emotions out easily. You make a good friend and you do not get annoyed easily. Physical satisfaction comes first for you and is quite self-indulgent as well. You are a stubborn personality yet loving. In relationships you are found to be a bit possessive. You are down to earth and is very sexy and sensual as well.

You are good in artistic influences like singing or oration. You have a great sense of interior designing as well. In general you love the good things in life and is born to revel in the same. You have a conservative and conventional outlook in life. You hang on to your ideals in life for long.

Gemini  GEMINI
moon in gemini

With the Moon posited in the house of Gemini you have the ability to learn things in a jiffy. You are a happy guy who lives on mental stimulation. You are very emotional to the core. You take in events around you and verbalize them with ease. You perceive things easily. You are a social animal and communication is the key to your survival. You are never found to remain shut.

Variety is the spice of life for you and you hate routine jobs. Your mood changes with the tide and you are found to be a Jack of all trades and master of none. You learn a small amount of everything you come across. You have a good sense of humor and is also found to be very shrewd. But emotionally you are way off the needed mark. You are not much interested in having family ties and freedom comes before family and friends in your life.

Cancer  CANCER
moon in caner

With the Moon in you house of Cancer in the natal chart, you are very creative and yearn for name and fame in life. At the same time you are moody at times that your heart rules over your head. You have highly developed intuitive sense that helps you to judge others around you. Trusting others does not come naturally for you.

Your sensitive tendency comes as a hindrance for your developments in life. In course of time you develop a sense of negativity or inferiority complex around you. Moon in Cancer would cause occasional problems in your relationships. You tend to hide your feelings under your shell thus hindering any chance for rapprochement.

You have great respect for the institution of marriage and family. You are romantic and nurturing towards your family members. Security in life would be your major concern and you weigh this along with money, family and traditions. You hate changes in your life.

Leo  LEO
moon in leo

Moon in the house of Leo makes one very confident in life. You would be a leader, would be happy and an optimist. You would be satisfied with everything you want in life. You have a showy nature and you have the feeling that you are talented to the core. This might instill more complacent outlook in your life.

You need constant admiration and your life would be more of a drama. You constantly flirt too. With a gift for designing and style you splash out much on adorning your home, just to impress others. You would have a good responsibility but you would turn otherwise when your pride or ego is questioned. You love luxury, pomp and splendor in life. Even if you don't have them you pretend to be deep-rooted in it.

You make a good parent or boss, but sometimes your dominating factor would be much overwhelming for those below you in rank. Emotions rule you and you are found to be a great dispenser when it comes to charity or social works.

Virgo  VIRGO
moon in virgo

A Virgo Moon in your natal chart implies that you would be highly critical with life. You are basically emotional but you give a picture of a cold and stuffy personality to those around. You lack self-esteem and is constantly mired in an inferiority complex. But you rise up to the occasion when you are given the due adulation in life.

You are much critical about yourself and others that you lack self-esteem. You keep your feelings under closed doors. You like to serve but do not easily understand the needs and desires of others. You seem to be cool and you like analyzing people based on their emotions.

You are much of an introvert not expressing your romantic nature. You are too shy to be demonstrative. You show your love and care by your service to others. You are a very practical person with this placement of the Moon. You lose you temper easily, you pick up arguments as they come your way. You have a good business acumen.

Libra  LIBRA
moon in libra

With the Moon in the house of Libra in your chart, you are a very gentle and understanding character. You are dependent on others, social but diplomatic to the core. You have a high degree of adaptability that disputes and quarrels around you would be easily resolved. You love peace and harmony in your environment. Hence you are very sociable.

You are a good-natured personality who goes out of the way to do nicer things to people. You hate solitude and your emotions depend on with whom you hang out with. You are a very affectionate friend but decision-making would be a great problem with you. As compromise comes easily to you others might take too much advantage of you, beware.

In relationships you sacrifice a lot because you are against confrontations. You lose you assertive strength and hence this might take a toll on your relationships. But you make a stable partner tending to their needs and desires in life. You have much interests in the field of arts. You have a love for the good things in life. You make big plans but end up nowhere in life. You are bad in making decisions. You are more bent on the legality of any issue rather than the work being done by hook or by crook.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
moon in scorpio

A Scorpio Moon implies that you are very emotional, intense and secretive in feelings. This position makes the native too impatient and moody in life. But you would be benefited with an excellent memory capacity that would be harmful at times as well. You are not transparent in life that yours would be a closed book even for those nearer to you.

You are a very sensuous personality but there would be frequent hiccups in your relationships. The reason being that you are too possessive and you tend to control or dominate the other half. You are quick to pass judgments and when hurt you hold grudges for long. This might take a heavy toll on your mental well-being.

You make a good career person, and once you have your sight on a seat then there is no turning back. By sheer will power and hard work you climb up the corporate ladder with ease. You are too stubborn to shake with change.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
moon in sagittarius

With the Moon in your house of Sagittarius, you are a freedom -lover, constantly restless and listless to be frank. You are very optimistic towards life that you take life as it comes your way. You make friends easily, but none would be close to your heart. You are quite comfortable with your own self that you do not care much about what is in store for you.

But you have the gut feeling that things would always be positive in your land. When confronted with setbacks in life, you lie low, then bounce back with renewed energy as if nothing worst had happened in your life. You are good in making decisions. You like to learn and teach a lot that you make a good teacher in life.

You would have had a good childhood that you give the same thing to your children in return. You are not much of a disciplinarian but a good adventurer. You make a good friend but not a good committed partner. Your emotions are too little and socializing would be the next big thing on your agenda. You hate commitment as it takes away your sense of freedom. You have much restless energy that you need to have some outdoor activity for a hobby.

Changes come frequently in your life and you take them with grace and dignity. You like to travel a lot that a physical house and material possessions seem a secondary choice of investment.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
moon in capricorn

With Moon in the sign of Capricorn, you are a determined individual. You make a very disciplined parent. You are steadfast and reliable in life. You work hard to achieve a status in society and you are serious about your business. You are an introvert, least emotional and is usually found cold and averse to feelings. When things go haywire you are out of your senses.

You make a devoted partner or parent, but you hardly show your feelings outside. You show it by being there for others when they actually need you. Expression of love is not an easy task for you. You are good in managerial and executive skills being loaded with a practical approach to problems. You have conservative and orthodox thoughts. The Moon's placement makes this a hard placement but the stability is the positive point here.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
moon in aquarius

Moon placed in the house of Aquarius in your natal chart indicates that you are a progressive individual. You have ideas that are great, you are creative yet you are not much to be depended on. Though you are broad-minded you have unconventional ideas that seem as though you lack common sense.

You make a good friend and a good person to talk to. You have universal thoughts that are out of the box and out of time as well. You hate routine tasks and is ready to take any sort of confrontation head-on. You are very bad in relationships that you are insensitive to the feelings and emotions of your partner and near ones. Your personal needs come first and that would be a hindrance here. You hate a committed relationship as you are bound to be answerable. You seem to be too detached in personal life.

You are a social animal and humanitarian acts comes first in your life. But you fail to understand the true emotions of people involved. You relate well with the poor and the downtrodden. Home does not bother you much as you lead much of a nomadic lifestyle. The positive side is that you are related well to humanity as a whole though you might lose your immediate relationships for a cause.

Pisces  PISCES
moon in pisces

With a Pisces Moon, you are a very sensitive and dreamy person. You have a good sense of caring and affection for all. You are very optimistic and you easily oversee the negatives of others. You are basically a very romantic individual. You are unselfish and too generous. But beware that others might take too much advantage of this. Then you might end up being hurt and sullen. You are a bit psychic and connect well with people on an emotional plane.

This position of the Moon make you too much sympathetic and compassionate that you usually miss the true picture out there. You have the trouble of misjudging people around you. You live in a fantasy world created solely for you by you. You yearn for perfection but when things go awry your moods go out of tune as well.