Mercury is the planet that rules the way we think and the way we communicate with others. It is the ruler of the third house of Gemini that stands for learning and communication. Mercury stands for our intellectual standing.Mercury rules all sorts of information that you gather in your journey and how you interpret it. It also stands for the travels you make in life.

Aries  ARIES
mercury in aries

With Mercury in the house of Aries, you would be a decisive thinker. Your ideas are original and adventurous and you like to compete on a mental level. You are a very impatient personality and hate delays to the core. You are a very impulsive and fast person.

This placement makes it hard for you to concentrate on any one task at hand. You scatter your energy that a lot of ventures started by you are left half way through. You need to avoid being too much of a head weight and try to control your temper tantrums. You are quick in your wits and is very inventive with your ideas. You are too clever to handle any mental game that you come out first in most brain-related tasks.

Taurus  TAURUS
mercury in taurus

With Mercury in the house of Taurus, you are very practical yet conservative in your thoughts. You have stable and fixed view points from which there is no turning back. You have an amazing level of concentration. Decision-making comes to you easily, but you weigh the pros and cons before tabling your views. You are slow to take decisions but once you have made up your mind then there is no turning back.

You are good in managerial tasks, especially in the financial side. You have a good business acumen, that most with this placement usually have their own businesses. But you are very stubborn and a tough nut to crack. You need to give way for the opinion of others for relationships to be smooth and cozy.

Gemini  GEMINI
mercury in gemini

With Mercury in its own house of Gemini, you have good logical reasoning powers. This is the best placement for Mercury and you make a great thinker and a conversationalist. You also excel in mathematical abilities. You are apt to win arguments in your own stride. You have interests in a wide spectra of activities.

You are a very nervous person and curiosity might kill you. At times you might deal with so many tasks at hand that might take a huge toll on your general well-being, both physical and mental. A break-down would also be imminent. If you do not take things too seriously and make sure that they do not get on your nerves then there would be some solace in life.

Cancer  CANCER
mercury in caner

Mercury in your house of Cancer makes you very intuitive in nature. Your actions are based on sensory perceptions rather than by logic and reasoning. Your thought process would be very emotional. You have an exceptional memory capacity and you have a knack to remember dates and names. You would also have a deep interest in historical events and hence patriotism comes naturally to you.

You learn a lot by your keen sense of observation. You are sensitive to other people and their needs. You make a sympathetic listener and you are a good shoulder for others to rest on. But beware not to take on their problems as your own which would affect you mentally and make you drained.

Leo  LEO
mercury in leo

With Mercury posited in the house of Leo, you have a strong will power. You have stubborn and dogmatic views in life and you don't differ in your opinion. But you go with the decisions taken by the majority in a crowd. You have good leadership skills and is well-versed to lead a group. You have the forceful nature of authority best expressed.

The negative here is that at times you would be carried away by your position and then pride and ego become a problem for you. This position also makes the native a little lazy. You need to groom your mind and body with constant stimulation. At times you are likely to miss the vital details in your plans that might land you in troubles.

Virgo  VIRGO
mercury in virgo

With Mercury in Virgo, you would be logical but critical of others. You are good in math and you catch up things easily. Your mental ability would be good combined with best common sense. You need order to work efficiently. You lack general self-confidence in that you keep double-checking your plans again and again that you find it difficult to come to a conclusion.

You ask for precision in whatever you do, with which you might get obsessed with. Usually this placement gives the highest order of education to the natives. Hence career and financial success come easily to you. Your communication skills would also be good. You naturally have a good rule over language and verbal skills.

Libra  LIBRA
mercury in libra

Mercury in the house of Libra, makes you very much balanced and judicial in life. You weight the pros and cons of situations and come out with a solution. You are known for your tact and diplomacy. You have great concern towards human values and their interests. Hence getting along with others comes naturally to you. Though friendly you are found to stick to your principles and justice means more to you than relationships. You take time to adapt to new situations or environs. Sometimes making a decision takes eons for you. You need to expedite the same to get the goodwill of others around you.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
mercury in scorpio

Mercury in your house of Scorpio, makes you a little secretive yet probing. You have great intuitive spirit and is a born thinker. Yet you have a sense of suspicion towards anything in life. Your secretive skills make you a good researcher or detective of sorts. Your innate curiosity makes you good in scientific studies as well.

You can easily sense the strengths and weaknesses of people around. You have a sharp tongue and is adept in hurting the sentiments of others which need to bevcurbed. Sometimes you go calm and withdraw. You take time to adapt to things and is usually very emotional.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
mercury in sagittarius

With Mercury in the house of Sagittarius, you would be very impulsive, independent but social as well. You do not easily take the views of others and hold on to your opinions. You just blurt out what you have in mind without looking for the real picture. you are an interesting person to converse with and you also make up a good conversationalist.

You have less concentration ability and cannot hold to a single theme for long. You have a broader perspective that you mostly miss the details of any issue. You have a keen interest in the fields of psychology and philosophy. You like to learn throughout your life anything new. The negative part is that you forget things easily and you are not practical too.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
mercury in capricorn

Mercury placed in the house of Capricorn, gives you a narrow and cautious mindset. You are very careful and take one step at a time, weighing the pros and cons of your every move. You are very nervous when it comes to talking that you do not spit out anything unnecessary. You take time to learn anything new, but once learnt it is there to stay permanently. You are a great thinker and your mental abilities are excellent. In most instances you need to prove your stand to others around you.

You are good in concentration but at times you turn too moody and sunken. You rarely show any signs of optimism around you. This position of Mercury makes you very quiet and less talkative. You make a good organizer and planner of events. You stick to your ventures till they end completion. You are more of a person who sticks to tradition and conservative thoughts. You hate changing with the tide.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
mercury in aquarius

With Mercury placed in the house of Aquarius, you have great ideas in life. You are hyper-active yet detached form the outside world. You have a scientific bent with an advanced level of thought process but your ideas normally are un-organized and unconnected. You have progressive thoughts and hence sometimes termed as too crazy. Controversies tangle you easily and you hate sticking onto traditional thoughts and ideas. You are more of a rebel or revolutionary.

You have an intuitive mind that helps you to judge people easily. You are balanced when making judgments. You have a social and charity mind that helps you to reach to the less-privileged in the society around you. You win over people by your wits yet you are stubborn to your ideas. Socializing would be a little ticklish for you as you find it difficult to locate common minds. You are adept in writing and communicating.

Pisces  PISCES
mercury in pisces

A Pisces Mercury makes you one whoisi ruled by the senses and feelings and emotions. You do not follow reason or logic and psychic moods hold sway over you. You do not care about day-to-day works and is usually a good day-dreamer. You have vague ideas and opinions in life. You have much artistic inclination however. You love music and all art forms. Your creativity is the best with this placement of Mercury.

But you are too sensitive that you get hurt easily at a wink. You have a spiritual weakness that makes you occupied. In general you are naive, intuitive, gentle and trust people easily. This makes others fool around you. You easily get deceived by others in your personal and professional life which is a very negative aspect of this placement.



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