Mars rules the energy utilization of the natives. The position of Mars in the natal chart indicates how that energy is expended in life. Mars rules one's physical energy and the stamina to do work, your adventurous energy which has got to do with your sportive ability. It also rules your mental energy which deals how you manage your planning and organizing in life.

Mars has also to do with your emotional energy that deals with relationships and sexual drives. The position of Mars in the zodiac signs denotes whether your inner energy is physical, earthy or emotional.

Aries  ARIES
mars in aries

Mars placed in the house of Aries is very good as it is in its own house. This denotes much energy, initiative and courage in life. Much physical energy is involved in this placement. Native would be very active, would have a great drive to do things. Highly enthusiastic , your ego would come in your way of growth, also you do not compromise with others easily.

Leadership qualities are great in you that you hate doing work in a group. If held onto a group then your word should be the final say. You are independent , temperamental and hate opposition to the core. You would be courageous and competitive in life. You have strong sexual and sensual instincts. However you lack discipline and self--control in life which needs to be cultivated with time.

Taurus  TAURUS
mars in taurus

With Mars in the house of Taurus in your natal chart you would be loaded with much practical and emotional energy. However your physical and mental energy would be on average levels. You rarely have a push in life but is stubborn and enduring. You are stable and pursue your goals in life which would be highly materialistic.

But once you set out on a plan then there is no turning back. Being practical you are more bent on hoarding material possessions. Patience and precision are your keywords. Your sexual drive is high and you hate fantasies in this area. You make a loyal and stable partner. The negative part is that you lack flexibility in life. You are too stubborn to show your emotions out in the open.

Gemini  GEMINI
mars in gemini

With Mars placed in the house of Gemini there would be much mental energy involved in the placement. However the emotional and practical side would be missing. Native would have a critical and analytical mind and usually settle down in journalism and the like positions. You are known for hopping from one job to another as you have a restless nature. Your verbal activity makes you a good conversationalist.

Natives usually become great teachers in life. You weigh people based on their intelligence and you make a great thinker in life. You are a great flirt and like switching from one partner to another. Variety is your spice in life. You are a very nervous person and stress and strain take a heavy toll in your life. As a relief you are advised to keep yourself physically fit.

Cancer  CANCER
mars in caner

With Cancer as your house holding Mars, all your energy would be more of the emotional type. You have ample physical and practical energy but your mental aptitude would be the worst with this placement. You are very defensive and cautious in your moves. You are a peace-loving person who is more protective of his or her family.

You are a very hard worker. You change your goals in life often as you are not the aggressive type to hold on to a single position. You are loyal in your personal and professional life. Your sexual urges or very great and you hate infidelity at any cost. Your emotional energy might make you too moody at times which might affect your physical health as well.

Leo  LEO
mars in leo

Mars placed in the house of Leo, makes you full of physical energy. However your practical and mental energies would do reasonably good while the emotional side is constrained. This placement gives the natives great confidence, creativity and a dramatic sense. You like to be in the limelight always. You have good leadership qualities and you yearn for constant appreciation and recognition in life.

You have a great sexual drive and you are demonstrative in this aspect. You have a passionate and sensuous approach towards your partner. Much possessiveness would also be involved. You like to dominate and this might bring in opposition in relationships. Pride goes before you and might bring in your downfall. Also you need to constrain your anger for goodness in life.

Virgo  VIRGO
mars in virgo

When Mars is placed in the house of Virgo, there would be much practical energy involved. Your mental and physical energies would be ample yet your emotional side would be not be that much loaded. You plan your works properly down to the last detail and execute it with much precision. You are a tiring worker. You make a good organizer and is highly critical of others. Though innovation would not be involved in your works you do your work diligently.

This placement of Mars usually lands the natives in medical or social fields where interaction with people would be involved much. Your tireless nature also comes in handy here. You are not very passionate in your sexual urges, because you feel inhibited to exhibit the same. You find it difficult to let your emotions run wild. You are highly demanding and you are not tolerant in life. Also this placement makes the native a workaholic hence care should be taken in this angle.

Libra  LIBRA
mars in libra

With Mars posited in the house of Libra, co-operation and balance in life means a lot to you. There would be much mental energy involved, however you rarely show your emotional and practical side outside. You are charming, graceful and like an amicable solution to any problem. You can be persuaded easily, however you get upset when justice is denied. You make a good judge or diplomat. You are not that assertive hence you need an energetic partner in life to keep going strong.

This placement generally makes the native very lazy hence you need constant motivation to keep you up in life. Your sexual drive is very low, however you are found to be affectionate and romantic in life. You hate aggression of any type and you make a lot of friends in life. you hate creating enemies.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
mars in scorpio

This position of Mars in the house of Scorpio makes you a character with much emotional energy. The other energies in the mental, physical and practical side are also equally displayed. You are a strong, efficient and an intense personality. You have the capacity to change others around you as you like taking control of others. You have a do or die attitude towards life. You have a great sexual and sensual energy. But you are very possessive and jealous towards your partner. You hate them when they betray you.

You rarely lose your cool, but once you lose it then there is no turning back. You would be felt greatly even in your absence. You are a stubborn and strong-willed personality but make a good and loyal partner for life.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
mars in sagittarius

Mars placed in the house of Sagittarius in your natal chart loads you with much physical stamina, your emotional and mental energies would be good but your practical energy levels lack strength and vigor. You are highly philosophical and you believe in justice. You have great concern for the society and the environment around you as a whole.

You are good for conversations yet you lack diplomatic sense and tactics to win over people. You are a fun-loving, cheerful and adventurous personality. You do not remain idle and is always physically moving. You are an optimist with a great sense of confidence around you. Usually natives born with this placement have ample luck in life. You also do not hesitate to speculate in life.

However your love relationships sway at times, and sex is just an adventure for you. You usually are not satisfied with a single partner in life. You lack consistency. You have varied interests and start too many projects that you complete none. In general you scatter your energy too much that much of it goes into sloppy work in the end.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
mars in capricorn

With Capricorn having Mars, you are a practical person who lacks much of emotional energy. You are a hard-worker and a workaholic. Work comes first to you and you strive to meet your professional rather than personal ambitions in life. You have good managerial skills to keep the ball rolling in your work place. You are never found lazy and you work for status and recognition in society.

You have good sexual and sensual urges. However you conceal this is in a very conservative self. You have good control over your emotional senses. You are too pessimistic and cautious that you lose some of the important opportunities in life. You have conservative ideas and thoughts which obstruct you from taking new decisions in life.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
mars in aquarius

With Mars in the house of Aquarius, you have the highest concentration of mental energy. Though the practical energy levels are good you find it difficult to survive with less or no emotional energy involved in your life. You are aggressive, independent and have a modern outlook. Your ideas seem to be too modern for practical purposes. You make a good leader and is stubborn most of the times. However you are open to discussions of sorts.

You always have an opposite argument for anything under the Sun. You hate authority and is a reformer in your own sense. You hate traditional ideas. You are a loyal and good companion for your partner though your sexuality is usually unconventional. You do not confirm to anything easily. You are the rebel in any group.

Pisces  PISCES
mars in pisces

With Mars posited in the house of Pisces, your emotional energy is the highest. Your mental energy levels are also good but you fall short in the practical and physical side. You have a great aptitude for arts. You have an attraction towards color and rhythm in life. You are sensitive and psychic to some extent.

You are a restless character with less or no physical stamina to keep you going. You do not assert yourself and is usually found to be withdrawn when the going gets tough. However you are very sensitive to the feelings of others that you go out of the way to help them. You like to look after the sick and the downtrodden that natives usually settle down in social or medical fields.

You have much sexual urges and highly romantic. You need to be emotionally satisfied by partner. You have high expectations related to partner that relationships might get a beating at times.



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