Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. This planet is associated with the theory of expansion. It takes Jupiter one whole year to go once round the zodiac sky, that it spends about a month's time in each zodiac house.The placement of Jupiter in your natal chart gives an idea about your attitude towards religion and philosophy. It also rules prosperity and goodness in life as a whole.

Aries  ARIES
jupiter in aries

Jupiter placed in the house of Aries indicates that you possess good leadership skills related to knowledge. You practice the best in philosophy and religion. You are energetic, enterprising, hard working and creative in life. You are an independent personality who likes to survive on his own. Hence you are good in your own business rather then services. You get the best things easily in life. However you need to avoid over confidence in life. Your impulsive nature also needs to be curbed for excellence.

Taurus  TAURUS
jupiter in taurus

Jupiter posited in the house of Taurus helps you to better utilize your financial resources. You rely on material benefits in life and hence accumulation of finances would be your sole aim. You want the best in everything and a luxurious lifestyle is what you yearn for. This placement usually blesses the native with all comforts in life. You have a steady and stream-lined business pattern. You like to experiment anything on a larger scale. You are a bit stubborn and have conservative ideas regarding life.

Gemini  GEMINI
jupiter in gemini

With Jupiter placed in the house of Gemini in your natal chart, you have a natural affinity towards knowledge and ideas. You are adept in communication skills and like to travel a lot. You are interested in a wide range of subjects but is master of none. You are a bit superficial in life. However you are very social and like to be with people around. You are restless and nervous with your financial moves. Your aim would be accumulation of intelligence or knowledge rather than wealth and material things in life.

Cancer  CANCER
jupiter in caner

With Jupiter posited in the house of Cancer, you have greatest principles regarding life which had been groomed in your inner self from your young age. You are generous, warm and kind-hearted. You tend to remain morally good. You like to nurture people around you. However your personal security and the welfare of those directly dependant on you would be the priority in life. You have a great weakness for good food and wine and the best things in life. You are very careful and cautious in your financial moves that you accumulate financial resources without much of a hassle.

Leo  LEO
jupiter in leo

This placement of Jupiter in the house of Leo makes the native to be physically robust and strong. You have a good sense of generosity, kindness and optimism. You like to show-off your opulent living with your extravagant lifestyle.

You like to be in the limelight anywhere. You have great leadership skills associated with the house of Leo. However you yearn for appreciation and adoration and if not got you are likely to withdraw or get offended. You have much confidence which can be termed as over-confidence as well. You like to gamble and speculate for your financial betterment.

Virgo  VIRGO
jupiter in virgo

With Jupiter in the house of Virgo, you have an aptitude for taking up larger projects in life related to Jupiter. However as you have an eye for perfection in any detail, your projects get stuck up midway. You have a practical approach towards life. Material benefits mean the most to you. However you are advised not to take smaller and petty issues to your heart. This might take a heavy toll on your general health and relationships in the long run.

Libra  LIBRA
jupiter in libra

Jupiter placed in the house of Libra makes you a great lover of justice and balance in life. You like being with those who have your ideas and views about life. Co-operation comes naturally to you, and you are an able diplomat and peace-lover. You easily win over people around you by your persuasive power that is in-built. You are apt in making social changes in the society.

Scorpio  SCORPIO
jupiter in scorpio

Jupiter placed in the house of Scorpio in your natal chart indicates that you are an intense personality. You have a good aptitude for conducting business and is also good in financial deals. You have a very secretive way of functioning in your professional and personal life. You would not compromise on moral and value-based issues. You are stubborn, have great faith in yourself and you have a good control over others in life. Your emotions are usually kept under wraps.

Sagittarius   SAGITTARIUS
jupiter in sagittarius

With Jupiter placed in its own house of Sagittarius, natives would be very optimistic about life. You live a happy life and make efforts to gladden others around you. You have an aptitude for adventurous sports and the outdoor reckons you. However issues related to religion, philosophy and social matters equally attract you. You have strong convictions in life. You are stubborn about your ideas and want others to follow the same. You are prosperous in life and a good spendthrift as well.

Capricorn  CAPRICORN
jupiter in capricorn

When Jupiter is posited in the house of Capricorn, it makes you a good follower of rules and regulations in life. Moral policing entices you. You are highly ethical in your professional and personal life. However your ideas would be much traditional and conservative. Natives usually occupy the higher echelons in politics or economics with this placement. Positions related to power and authority easily attract you. However your financials would not be that good due to your conservative moves.

Aquarius  AQUARIUS
jupiter in aquarius

With Jupiter placed in the house of Aquarius, you are one who takes on people as they are irrespective of the class or creed they belong to. Positions related to serving people like social or charity works attract these natives. You have great amount of tolerance and democratic values in life. You like to serve the needy and the downtrodden in the society. You have big ideas in life, however you shun from taking huge responsibilities on your shoulders. You are a revolt and a revolutionary with not much bent on making money in life.

Pisces  PISCES
jupiter in pisces

When Jupiter is placed in the house of Pisces in one's natal chart it makes the native a helper of sorts. You make your work less noticed far from the public sight. You like to work in the background and hate the glaring lights. You seem to be a care-free type, yet you have a sensitive persona inside. You do not have major ambitions in life and is quite content with what you have. You have a strong religious bent. You would be too much compassionate and sometimes you need a time off for your own self too.



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