Pisces - First Decan:

Period: February 19th - 29th

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler :Neptune

Pisces First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The first decan of Pisces is ruled over by the planet Neptune. Neptune influences these natives and they have a heart of gold, and they would refuse anything and would even give their life for others. Natives are very sensuous, sensitive and psychic. They love good things in life and are not particular about financial resources. Some of the natives might give up the luxuries of life to enter sainthood. They are not quite strong and hence can be utilized by people around.

These natives are very committed and caring of their near and dear ones. But they ought to be cautious else they might caught in the wrong sense. You get flattered easily. Hence you are advised not to fall prey for any sort of false promises. Also do not trust people or relationships just like that. Do your homework before committing yourself.

Natives are blessed with a great sense of intuition that they sense the needs and desire of their loved ones easily. The loved ones of a native born under the first decan of Pisces are said to be very blessed in life. You are cautious of your words and stay away from arguments and misunderstandings of sorts.

Those born under this decan of Pisces are very creative, intelligent and artistic and would earn name and fame in their latter years. They are also highly romantic and committed in relationships.

Celebrities of Pisces First Decan:

• Jeff Daniels

•  Copernicus

•  Rihanna

•  Kurt Cobain

• Cindy Crawford

•  Gordon Brow

•  Ellen Page

•  Drew Barrymore

• Michael Chang

• Steve Jobs

• George Harrison

•  Michael Bolton

• Johnny Cash

•  Levi Strauss

• Ralph Nader

•  Elizabeth Taylor

• Linus Pauling

• Jeff Atkins

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