Libra - Second Decan:

Period: October 4th - 13th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler :Uranus

Libra Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Libra belongs to Aquarius and is ruled over by the planet Uranus. They are one of the most romantic ones of the decans. Social connections mean a lot to them and they carry most of the typical Libran traits. Uranus as your ruler makes you to stand apart from the crowd. You are one born to make and break rules and amend the same at your convenience. In short, you can be termed as a rebel of sorts.

You device weird ideas much against human thinking and thought processes. But you have a heart of compassion and sympathy too. You cannot hold onto secrets for long. You are very loyal and trust-worthy in relationships. You can be descried as kind and gentle in nature. You can persuade and influence people easily. Unfairness of any sort cannot be tolerated by you at any cost.

Your loved ones can be termed as very blessed as you take good care of them. They mean the whole world to you. Natives are usually very creative and have an artistic bent. They are good in science. The major negatives of the natives are they are stubborn and are indecisive in nature. You are also found to be very critical of your own self which might make you resent yourself in the long go.

Celebrities of Libra Second Decan:

• Jackie Collins

• Le Corbusier

•  George Westinghouse

•  Simon Cowell

• Vladimir Puti

• Bishop Desmond Tutu

• Niels Bohr

• Matt Damon

• Jesse Jackson

• John Lennon

• Luciano Pavarotti

•  Margaret Thatcher

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