Libra - First Decan:

Period: September 23rd - October 3rd

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler : Venus

Libra First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Those born under the first decan of Libra are ruled over by the planet Venus. Natives always strive to maintain a balance between their personal needs and those of others. At times they misunderstand and enter into arguments. Despite the fact that they are peace loving. They have a great taste for aesthetics. Love and romance are always on your task. You also strive for better financial stability in life.

You are very social and make new friends in easily. Your charm attracts others to your side without much effort. Natives would go to any length to help the poor and the needy. You are also a good shoulder to rest upon for the weary soul. You are very generous in nature, but that does not mean that others get to use you more than often. You should have some selfish intentions as well to survive.

Those born under this decan stand to get deceived easily, hence be cautious. Look out for honesty and loyalty around. Natives of this decan are also very sensuous in nature. This might make them flirt or go astray in relationships at times.

Celebrities of Libra First Decan:

• Mickey Rooney

• Catherine Zeta-Jones

• Will Smith

• Christopher Reeve

• Michael Douglas

• William Faulkner

• T.S. Eliot

•  Ivan Pavlov

• Avril Lavaigne

• Naomi Watts

• Lech Walesa

•  Enrico Fermi

• Martina Hingis

•  Jimmy Carter

•  Mahatma Gandhi

• Gore Vidal

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