Leo - Third Decan:

Period: August 13th - 23rd

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler : Mars

Leo Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Leo is ruled by the planet Mars. Natives are one of the most ambitious of all the decans put together. They have a good sense of optimism around them and are very frank and honest. Some of the natives are though found to be a bit too stubborn and hard to crack.

Mars gives them much energy and they are loaded with action plans. You are not one lazy goose to lay around idle. You are found to be very bold, however you might land up making impulsive decisions.

However perseverance pays off for the patient ones of this decan. You have lofty aims in life and would be full of enthusiasm to achieve the same. You are not one to heed to the advise of those around.

Though natives are spend-thrifts at the end of the day, they have their purses full. Financials come easily for these folks without much asking. You are honest and straight forward and might earn the wrath of others owing to this. But then if you can control your anger, you make a very kind and gentle soul. Another negative trait of yours is that you hold grudges for long.

Celebrities of Leo Third Decan:

•  Fidel Castro

•  Alfred Hitchcock

• Halle Berry

• Magic Johnson

• Danielle Steel

• Steve Martin

• Joe Jonas

• Ben Affleck

•  Melinda Gates

• Sri Aurobindo

• Napoleon Bonaparte

• Madonna

• James Cameron

• Sean Penn

• Roman Polanski

• Bill Clinton

• Malcolm Forbes

• Usain Bolt

• Kobe Bryant

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