Leo - First Decan:

Period: July 23rd - August 1st

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler : Sun

Leo First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

Leos of this decan see themselves at the top of everything. Yet they are humble, self-reliant and sensitive and dependant as well. You would achieve anything you desire thanks to the rulership of Sun. You have great enthusiasm and energy that takes you to great heights in life. Natives are very creative and have an entrepreneur attitude.

Those born in this decan are hard workers and very ambitious in life. They do not give up when faced with challenges. However they are advised to give into personal relationships as well at times. These Leos are perfect extroverts who hog the limelight wherever they go. But then natives are asked to give a lending ear to those around. Also be cautious when you speak the truth to the face of others. It might hurt them along the way.

These Leos are very loving, warm people, who would do anything under the Sun to get the attention of their loved ones. Natives have a strong ego that ought to be under control when things go the way not intended. Even then mighty Lion needs help at times.

Celebrities of the Leo First Decan:

• Daniel Radcliffe

•  Michelle Williams

•  Monica Lewinsky

• Jennifer Lopez

• Amelia Earhart

• Sandra Bullock

• Mick Jagger

• Carl Jung

• George Bernard Shaw

• Benito Mussolini

• Lisa Kudrow

• Arnold Schwarzenegger

• Henry Ford

• J.K. Rowling

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