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The Imum coeli is an important part of one's birth chart. It is one of the angles in your zodiac sky along with the Ascendant, the Descendant and the Midheaven. It is the bottom most part of your natal chart. It is just opposite to your Midheaven and is located at the cusp of the fourth house of your birth chart.

The Imum Coeli best describes your early life and what lessons you learnt from your childhood. It represents the very foundation of your life and how you were brought up in life. Thus the Imum Coeli refers to the impact on your life caused by your upbringing . It helps to learn more about your own self.

The Imum Coeli is also termed as "IC" and indicates who you are when you are in solitude. Your own self when you are in your comfort zone is your IC. If you have an idea of which sign represents your upbringing, then you can find out where you are headed.

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