The Eighth House

Meeting Needs, Life's Secrets, Joint Resources

The eighth house rules all joint financial resources of yours like as that you get from inheritance, stock market, insurance and the like.

It deals with the inner mysteries and secrets of your life.

It also deals with generation and regeneration.

Aries  Aries as the eighth house

With Aries as the 8th house, you would have troubles in managing joint financial assets. You have certain decisions to your side and hold on to them. Hence there would be rifts related to income or finances through inheritance, legacy or marriage. No wonder you would end up in law suits as well. Being an aggressive character you have the right spirit to fight for your own resources.

Taurus  Taurus as the eighth house

With Taurus as your 8th house who are in for business and good investment deals. Marriage or partnership in your life would be for money and financial security only. You do not like sharing and hence co-operation with others is ruled out in this area. There would be fluctuations in your finances but the end result would be more profitable. You usually get what you want in life.

Gemini  Gemini as the eighth house

With Gemini as your 8th house in the natal chart you have a natural curiosity regarding the mysteries and secrets of life. You like to garner information related to life and its after-math. You like secrets as well and like to dig out secrets of those around you. When it comes to managing your finances, you have so much of ideas about how to handle it and ultimately to end up mismanaging the same, loaded with a myriad options.

Cancer  Cancer as the eighth house

With Cancer as your 8th house you have an emotional binding on life and death. However you rarely expose your emotional needs and usually withdraw into your shell. On one hand you would be one who is a happy go-getter in life. And the other hand you would be very moody and withdrawn. When it comes to managing common resources, you have the upper hand. You make sure that all involved get their due share without any commotion. 

Leo  Leo as the eighth house

With Leo as the 8th house you are much interested in managing large businesses and investments. Minting and managing money is your keyword. You have good net-worth in general and know what others want and what you can get from them. You are found to be generous but also holds the purse strings tight when the time asks for it. You usually live a secured financial life and is not much interested in secrets and mysteries surrounding you.

Virgo  Virgo as the eighth house

With Virgo as your eight house you would be very critical about financial resources. You restrain yourself when you need to handle finances got by legacy or inheritance. You need your financial future to be very secure and stable else there would be unwanted tantrums in relationships. Anything that calls for details and investigation as that of a secret or mystery fascinates you.  

Libra  Libra as the eighth house

With Libra as the 8th house in your natal chart you are in for financial gains either by marriage or by partnership deals in business. You have the tact and diplomatic sense to get what is due for you. You get the right balance in life through the support of partners in life. You need the constant support of others to get going in life. Secrets and mysteries are not in for you. You have a lot of other things to hook onto.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the eighth house

With Scorpio as the 8th house you have a natural tendency to be drawn towards secrets and mysteries in life. Sharing of joint resources would be troubled when it involves you. However you have the ability to understand the needs and desires of others. This makes you nobler than the rest. You are an individual who would go to any distance to get what you want. You have much aggressiveness and powerful tact inside you.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the eighth house

With Sagittarius as your 8th house you are naturally good in money, business and financial deals. With luck and fortune on your side you have no worries regarding your finances. You can handle large finances with ease. Your optimistic nature clubbed with a generous disposition shall see you in good finances all through your years. You are generous and optimistic and you usually get what you want in life.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the eighth house

With Capricorn as your 8th house you shall have great responsibility towards money and financial matters. You hate being with losses and loans in life. You have a good sense of ethics related to money that you do not like cheating or any sort of financial frauds. You also do not encourage others gifting you monetary benefits. When given the task of handling other's money you do it very concerned.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the eighth house

With Aquarius as your 8th house, you have great views on life, its secrets and mysteries. You are spiritually oriented but you have your own individual independent ideas of life. You are liberal in beliefs. You are good with finances but when it comes to taking responsibility over sharing of finances then you are not in. You hate the work of managing other's finances and is well with taking care of your own.

Pisces  Pisces as the eighth house

With Pisces as your 8th house you are not much interested in managing joint financial resources. If you need to then your guilt might make you some personal sacrifices as well. You usually stand to lose when it comes to getting money by inheritance or legacy. Your compassionate and low demeanor make others tread over your financial area. When it comes to mysteries and secrets in life you have intuition and psychic tendencies that help you brood over them.


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