The Sixth House

The Work Environment, Duties, Health

The sixth house in astrology has to do with the environment you work in, like your duties, your relationship with your peers in the work place and the like.

It has also to do with your health and fitness regime.

Aries  Aries as the Sixth house

With Aries as your 6th house you are found to be a very committed worker who is hard working. You do your tasks with determination and commitment. Occasionally you would be found lost in your work. But you have a difficulty in getting along with your authorities and peers in the work place because of your aggressive and stubborn nature. Being too judgmental of them would be wrecking in the long run.

Taurus  Taurus as the Sixth house

Taurus as the 6th house in your natal chart points out that you are a very practical person when it means work. You are very conservative and disciplined in your work place. You need to be cautious when choosing your career for life. You usually settle down in fields that offer you ample time to handle your extra curricular ventures as well. Perseverance pays for you but at times you may rebel the higher-ups when the demands become unmanageable.

Gemini  Gemini as the Sixth house

With Gemini as your 6th house you would be interested in a wide variety of works. You get deeply involved in your work. You have a bent towards the technical side and intellectual and challenging jobs appeal to you. You hate boring monotonous tasks and is more interested in business or research works. However too much work on your side may pay a heavy toll on your general health due to tension. Natives are prone to nervous and sleep disorders.

Cancer  Cancer as the Sixth house

With Cancer as the 6th house you would be more emotionally and sentimentally attached to your work. You would be more concerned about your work rather than your personal matters and life. You are likely to work in anything concerned with social or charity works. If you are not satisfied with your work environment it would spoil your physical and mental health at large. You make a good supervisor understanding the needs and deeds of your employees.

Leo  Leo as the Sixth house

With Leo as your 6th house you shall have work as your focal point in life. You lose yourself in your work and shall have a pride when you achieve something bigger. You have much increased energy and vitality. The Leo instincts make you boss around your peers and subordinates in the work place. You like to show off your accomplishments then and there. When things do not turn up the way as you expect it to then everything goes haywire including your general health. Your health issues mostly turn up to attract the attention you need the most in life.

Virgo  Virgo as the Sixth house

With Virgo as your 6th house you have greater concerns towards your general health. You are a strict disciplinarian in health matters and need good health for happiness in life. When things go out of hand you wreck the whole house. You are interested in works that call for details and research. You garner much information and your perfection-demanding nature makes it hard for you to complete tasks that you have started. You are too demanding and intrusive in the work place which ought to be avoided for healthy relationship in the work place.

Libra  Libra as the Sixth house

With Libra as your 6th house you would be very co-operative and at the same time very tactful and diplomatic in your work place. You like a conducive atmosphere and if things are not as you expected then you do not perform well. You are likely to head unions in your work place and can talk or plead for your fellow brethren. Mental strain might take a toll on your physical health. Your lack of dieting and exercising shall also cast a burden on your health. Hence you ought to take good precautionary measures regarding this.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the Sixth house

With Scorpio as your 6th house you would be very much committed to your work. You are a very serious and committed worker. Your nature of fault-finding might strain relations with authorities and peers in your work place. With this placement you make good work in the fields of investigative journalism, or other research works, and forensic science. Your work environment is the key to your general health. Your impatient nature might take a toll of your nervous system at times. You hate people not following their responsibility.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the Sixth house

With Sagittarius as your 6th house you would be very optimistic when it comes to work. You take things easily and work would be a source of inspiration to you. You have a tendency to over-load yourself with work pressure. You need constant challenges to keep you going in the career front. You have a tendency to over-eat and this might have a bearing in your general health. Troubles related to the digestive tract are probable in our life. You need to take a break and do some exercising to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the Sixth house

With Capricorn as your 6th house you would be fond of work and shall do with it great concentration. You are too responsible when it comes to work that you would need to compromise on your health. You are interested in the end result and is not bothered about the way. You are a strict disciplinarian in your work place that subordinates avoid you. You hate switching jobs and is usually found stable in a place for as long as your life. You like challenges and will work harder to meet the demands.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the Sixth house

With Aquarius as your 6th house you are found to be co-operative with your colleagues, yet there would be a marked line of differentiation. You would be a bit detached from them. Originality is your keyword and you hate beating around the bush. You like working in a group and you are not bothered about the financial end result. Work-related stress is likely to weigh your nervous system down. You need to approach your health issues with careful planning.

Pisces  Pisces as the Sixth house

With Pisces as the 6th house you would be over obsessive towards work resulting in unwanted worries and anxieties in life. You take too much responsibility under your arms that would be detrimental to your health. You always have the feeling that you would not be the best or that failure might befall you. By hook or by crook you like to get your ideals met. Have a passion about work and dream big. But do not be led by illusions, instead know the reality around you.


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