The fifth House

Recreation, Romance, and Creativity

The fifth house in astrology in the house of self-expression where you try to differentiate yourself from the others.

It rules your love affairs, children, their future and your artistic pursuits in life.

It also deals with your speculative deals involving luck and fortune.

Aries  Aries as the fifth house

With Aries as the fifth house you would be aggressive when it comes to love, entertainment or pleasure activities. You are of the adventurous type and do not mind draining your money on leisure related pleasure activities. As Mars is your ruler, physical activity is a must for you and is the main form of venting out your inner energy. You are adept in handling young children in your life. But your impatient nature might work the other way round at times.

Taurus  Taurus as the fifth house

With Taurus as your fifth house, you are a great lover of beauty and harmony in life. You are romantically inclined and have a loving nature towards your children. But you are very strict when it comes to their proper upbringing. You are likely to spoil them as well at times. Most probably your children would have an artistic bent. You have great artistic pursuits as well which is likely to hide or mask your hard and troubled childhood.

Gemini  Gemini as the fifth house

With Gemini as your fifth house you shall have an intellectual influence over love and romance. You shall wandered through many casual affairs before you finally settle down in life. You have much mental energy and there is a good amount of creativity stored inside you. Great writers usually have their 5th house as Gemini. Despite your creativity you do not go to the depth of knowing anything. You just skim and go through life. You have a greater probability of begetting twins in your life. Your off -springs usually sport your dual nature in their lives.

Cancer  Cancer as the fifth house

With Cancer as your fifth house, you would be more sensitive towards love and artistic pursuits. When it comes to love affairs, sentiments and emotions rule the roost. You are very protective of your family and you are good in playing the mother Hen. You are good in writing and theater works. You are also adept in expressing yourself and it comes naturally to your off-springs as well. In love you are likely to go through some really painful emotional experiences before you settle down to reality.

Leo  Leo as the fifth house

With Leo as the fifth house, you are likely to dominate the scene when it comes to romance or artistic pursuits. You spend an ample amount of your energy in romantic endeavors and later on in dealing with children. You like your children to achieve higher goals in life and is fond of projecting them to the limelight. You express yourself in creative ventures and you are a born speculator or gambler as luck is usually on your side. You are romantic in your heart that keeps relationships going.

Virgo  Virgo as the fifth house

With Virgo as the 5th house you would be critical towards love, children and other pleasure related activities. You would find it very hard to commit yourself to a relationship as you are very much discriminating. You also hate the concept of romancing around. You do not have the patience and endeavor to raise children with proper discipline in life. You are creative and spend a good deal of your time and money in preparing the ground work that the end result would be miles away. You hate doing anything instantaneously without any prior spade work.

Libra  Libra as the fifth house

With Libra as the 5th house you are the person who associates himself/ herself with others for creative endeavors. You need the constant support of others around you to keep going. Because co-operation or mutuality is your keyword. You have inborn artistic talents. You are very romantic as well but is usually found to be inconsistent. Luck would be on your side in terms of relationships and artistic pursuits. You are good in bringing up children and also know the way to spoil them to the core.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the fifth house

Scorpio as the 5th house in your natal chart indicates that you are a person who yearns for emotional and sentimental links in life. You come across varied people in your life. But there would be major upsets as well when it comes to long term relationships. You are possessive and emotional in relationships that you spoil most of them. Your secretive nature brings in different experiments with love and romance in your life. When it comes to children you are very much concerned and over-protective of them. When they become old you would stick to your discipline that the relationship gets spoilt at times.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the fifth house

With Sagittarius as your 5th house you know the best and the worst ways to handle your children in life. You are loaded with luck and fortune and would have a weakness for adventure and freedom in life. You are a natural show-off and likes to gamble with life. You understand young minds that it would be easy for you to raise them without much ado. You are a good optimist and would not be moved by mountains on your way.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the fifth house

Capricorn as the 5th house in your natal chart indicates that you are a practical person with hard work and commitment to your side. You have certain reservations when it comes to romance and love relationships. You are a good disciplinarian and instructor to your young ones. In the romantic side you seem to be cold but is very emotional and sentimental on the inside. You are a conservative by nature and do not like to take chances in speculative deals. You do not have much creative pursuits but find pleasure in reading and writing a lot.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the fifth house

With Aquarius as the 5th house you are unconventional in romantic and creative endeavors. You get into unlikely relationships and hence break-ups are common in your life. Even your creative pursuits would show out of the box experiences as you do not conform to any particular thought and usually is rebellious. In relationships you would be seen to be detached. You have good interest in developing the mind of your children rather than their character. Children likely to show your rebellious nature and need to disciplined. The earlier the better.

Pisces  Pisces as the fifth house

With Pisces as your 5th house you would be worried with anxieties as far as romance, your creative pursuits and raising children are concerned. There would be certain disappointments or dissatisfactions in this field. However you are found to be very creative and would be able to make a mark everywhere you go. Self-expression comes naturally to you. You find it very difficult to raise your children and make sacrifices for them as a parent.


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