The fourth House

Home Life and the Base of Operation

The fourth house in astrology rules your home and how you connect with it in a more physical sense.

The affairs that take place in your house are ruled by this house.

It is also related to landed property and related deals in your life.

Mother and maternal relations also comes under this ruler-ship.

Aries  Aries as the Fourth house

With Aries as your fourth house you would be more aggressive towards home and its affairs. Though you are much interested in home, frequent tussles can be expected in the home front. Mother plays an important role in your life. Your demands need to be met at home else things would turn up messy. As you grow up you become more daring and energetic with much energy. You would be physically active and you force others at home to pay heed to you.

Taurus  Taurus as the Fourth house

Taurus as the 4th house indicates a need for security in your family life. You like your home to be a place of joy and fun. You need a well-laid out house with large breathing area, say a garden of enormous size with a swimming pool and a tennis-court, if finances permit. You provide well for your family. Your home life would be very pleasant with harmony and grace spread all around you. Retiring with grace at home is your motto.

Gemini  Gemini as the Fourth house

Gemini as your 4th house points out that you are not that much attached to family and its matters. You remain much detached from household worries. You need people in life for company but you do not hang out with them for too long. You lack a strong family foundation. As you grow, more ideas that you had in your younger days take shape. You would be much attached to mental works and not emotional bonds.

Cancer  Cancer as the Fourth house

Cancer as your 4th house indicates that you are more emotionally bonded towards home and its affairs. You get easily affected by legacy and family matters that are inherited over the years. You would be more sensitive and vulnerable when it comes to your home and family. You give importance to customs and traditions followed by your family. You take greater responsibility towards nurturing parents in their old age or taking care of siblings in their prime years. Home is a cozy shelter for you away from the travails of the world around.

Leo  Leo as the Fourth house

With Leo as your 4th house you give much emphasis for home and related matters. You take great pride in maintaining your home and make all efforts to present a better picture for others. You usually own much landed property and you value people on their land-holdings. Whether male or female you like to rule the roost and make major decisions regarding family and its future.

Virgo  Virgo as the Fourth house

Virgo as your 4th house implies that home and its affairs are very particular in life for you. You like everyone and everything to be in their respective places and when things get messed up you go haywire. You fuss around trivial matters. You like things to be well-organized though you are not that great an intellect in life. You are more analytical in thoughts and actions as you mature with age.

Libra  Libra as the Fourth house

With Libra as your 4th house you need home and its environment for survival. You yearn for emotional security from family members. You like to have your own house, well maintained and in the lap of luxury. You like your home to be very peaceful and quiet away from the din of the world outside. Home helps you to maintain a mental balance in life. When the home atmosphere gets disturbed you too experience much restlessness in life.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the Fourth house

With Scorpio as your 4th house you have great feelings and attachment with home and its life. You keep most affairs of your family close to your heart not revealing it out. You play a very protective personality towards family members. You also expect them to pay you back and hold you in high esteem. You would be greatly influenced by your elders in family. You like to live in style with an enormous royal house with all the luxurious amenities.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the Fourth house

You like to have greater control of your home and its matters with Sagittarius being your 4th house. You like to live an opulent life. You have greater responsibility towards family matters and is obliged to do the same. Family comes first in your life and moral values mean the most to you. Your care for home is greater than your personal care. As your mature of age your personal, professional and spiritual pursuits get you to a new height in life.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the Fourth house

Capricorn as the fourth house in your natal chart implies that you take much responsibility for home and family. Security of family would be your utmost concern. You like to organize family matters effectively and perfectly. You like to dominate things going around in the house and is a great disciplinarian and sticks to age-old rules, customs, traditions and ethics of life. As you grow older you take much responsibility on your shoulders.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the Fourth house

Aquarius as the fourth house suggests that you like greater freedom when you handle the affairs of home and its environs. You have great energy that you are not bound to the affairs of home alone. Due to this there would be frequent rifts at home. There would be occasional shifts in your house as you are destined not to sit in one place. Your home front would be much different from the others in that you like to implement all the latest technological gadgets available in the market at home.

Pisces  Pisces as the Fourth house

With Pisces as your 4th house you would be more emotionally bound to family and its affairs. You are very emotional and sentimental towards your family. You yearn for domestic peace and harmony and shall sacrifice even your life for your family members. You are very sentimentally attached to home, your house and its environs. You like your surroundings to be peaceful and calm and do not like to enter the reality world outside.


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