The Third House

Learning and Communication

The third house in astrological studies rules how you think and how you behave in your early childhood.

Being ruled by the planet Mercury this house also deals with all sorts of communication, speech, writing and correspondence.

In general it rules basic education and learning process in one's life.

Aries  Aries as the Third house

Aries as the third house indicates communication that is done forcefully and tactfully by the native. You would be very good in making swift decisions and is alert to information around you. You know the knacks of expressing yourself to those around. Your mind is receptive to new information and ideas as they keep pouring in. But you do not stick to things and instead move around without stable thoughts. Some sort of physical outlet is needed for you to channelize your aggressive stored internal mental and emotional energy.

Taurus  Taurus as the Third house

Taurus as the third house points out that there would be some level of stubbornness in your thoughts and communications. You take time to learn things but once you have picked up the threads there is no stopping back. Then you perfect it by doing it over and over again. You would not have done well in your primary level of education but that does not stop you from being an achiever in studies and knowledge later on in life. You have a strong liking for artistic pursuits as well.

Gemini  Gemini as the Third house

Gemini as your third house implies that you would be good in communication skills as Mercury your personal ruler also rules this house. You are adept in conversations and can argue topics of varied interests equally good. But at times you would not be able to come to a conclusion as you are loaded with too much of information of any relevant topic. You make a good diplomat. You ought to guard your mouth from too much utterances as sometimes you are likely to talk out of your mind. Your communication skills come in handy when you are in a boring group with no way to while away the time.

Cancer  Cancer as the Third house

With Cancer as your 3rd house you would be more sensitive and emotional in your communication with others. You are quick to grasp the moods of those around you. You have an excellent memory that you would be able to put up as much information as possible in your brains. Your early childhood however would have been not that good when it comes to studies. Rational thinking does not come naturally to you. You are bound to family ties and you maintain good rapport with siblings and friends by keeping the communication thread intact.

Leo  Leo as the Third house

With Leo as your third house your life is closely linked to your thoughts and mind. You are good in expressing your ideas across the board. But at times your talks would be full of style and without any meaning and life. You know how to talk according to the emotions of your audience. You know what should be uttered or what not to be done when in a crowd. You are a very versatile personality who has many communication skills under your hat, but at times ego pulls you down. Listening and letting to talk is the key to your survival in this area.

Virgo  Virgo as the Third house

Virgo as your 3rd house points out that you shall pay much importance for communication in life. You like to talk and discuss matters to the prefect detail. But you have a complex over your communication tactics and is nervous-minded at times. You have worries and anxieties about your future as well. You are very sentimental and is very critical in judging those around you. Sometimes you pay heed to trivial matters but as time runs you shall narrow down your thoughts and talking skills to the perfect detail.

Libra  Libra as the Third house

With Libra as your third house you shall a balanced approach when it comes to expression of your thoughts and ideas. You are an artist in talking and communicating. You have tact and diplomacy to make people agree on your point of view. You are highly refined and ideal in your talks and deeds. You get along with people smoothly and is good in judging conflicts. You are very co-operative and can adapt to situations around you with ease.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the Third house

Scorpio as the third house indicates that you would be having a fixed idea about learning and communication. You pay much importance over the mastery of words. You are very much intense in acquiring knowledge that you retain them strongly. You have strong opinions in life and would be very critical when others differ you on these. You want others to accept what you say that there would be troubles in relationships around you.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the Third house

With Sagittarius as your third house you are found to be very talkative. You are a very optimistic personality who is found cheerful despite odds at times. You can handle conversations about just any ideas under the Sun. You are interested in learning new things and have a well-laid out long term plan. Travelling and catching up with friends are always on your menu. You are well-organized and is a store-house of information. You instincts guide the way you communicate with others.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the Third house

With Capricorn as your third house you are very careful and diligent in expressing your thoughts and ideas. Unless and until very essential you do not put anything in words or writing. You are very secretive and when you talk it is usually strongly-worded. You do not make a good conversationalist that people find it tough to handle a talk with you. You are good in studies as you mature with age and you take life very seriously. Others find it a bit difficult to start a conversation with you.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the Third house

Aquarius as the third house in the natal chart indicates that you shall have an intuitive and intellect mind. You have your own individuality when it comes to writing and communicating your ideas. You are a very radical personality and you think beyond your times and means. You like learning new ideas that you do not club it as a source of earning monetary benefits. You like to learn a lot. However you are found to be nervous and shall speak your mind when the situation does not call for such an utterance.

Pisces  Pisces as the Third house

Pisces as the third house points out that you are very curious about what others speak and what it means to you. You are quite intuitive to grasp what others communicate to you. You are good in learning but there would be difficulties in perfection. You hold things close to your heart. You are very emotional in communication and may find it difficult to send your message across. You like solitude when it comes to your mental works like writing or other creative jobs. You hate people poring their noses over your private affairs. You like to be left alone in your own dreamy world.


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