The Second House

Material Values and Security

In astrology, the second house rules material possessions, finances and general prosperity.

It rules your financial security in life. The house gives details related to your acquisition of wealth and how you go about spending it.

Home and its security also come under this ruler-ship.

Aries  Aries as the second house

With Aries as your second house you shall be very aggressive and competitive when it comes to making money. This is because of the ruler Mars. Even if blessed with good financial resources you would not be satisfied in life and shall continue to make more come what may. Many impulsive decisions would be made with regard to finances, which might land you in troubled waters at times. You would be a bit extravagant when it comes to spending and you love to fight over material resources.

Taurus  Taurus as the second house

With Taurus as your second house you shall have a strong inner desire to make more money and increase your material possessions. With Venus as your ruling planet there would be more greed and love for money. Natives would be good in business deals but shall learn to live within their material means. You are known to hoard money and materials of high net worth like antiques and real estate. You are found to have a stable financial life

Gemini  Gemini as the second house

With Gemini as your second house you would be much focused on making money. With Mercury as the ruling planet of the house of Gemini there would be an equally good interest in financial matters. You would be inclined to earn more and more in life, on a materialistic note. You take the pains of more than one career to make your financial goals realizable. Your brains and not brawns help you make money. You judge people based on their financial value and not on moral values, a negative trait that ought to be given up.

Cancer  Cancer as the second house

With Cancer as your second house you are found to be more emotionally bound to money and material possessions in life. You are very protective of your assets and would not be much extravagant in life. However you would willingly spend more than you make for family and friends. Commercial deals shall fetch you good returns. Though you make ample money, a sense of insecurity shall surround you now and then in the financial field.

Leo  Leo as the second house

With Leo as your second house being ruled by the luminary Sun, your finances would be related to your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. You tend to accumulate much money for your security. Finances would be the most important asset you yearn for in life. You are adept in financial matters and shall have a good knowledge of the same. A better financial condition shall help you to be satisfied in life.

Virgo  Virgo as the second house

With Virgo as the second house you are very particular when it comes to money matters. You pay much attention to the details and intricacies of making yourself finance-worthy. Though you seem to be very careful with finances, you have more loose ends attached. You are very particular over trivial expenditure yet do not care about luxurious high-value purchases. When the going gets tough in the financial side worries and anxieties shall wear your health down.

Libra  Libra as the second house

With Libra as the second house in your natal chart there would be a balanced act on your part when it comes to money matters. However your financial deals are mostly based on co-operative ventures involving other partners. You love luxury and hence is found to pilfer money on high-value recreations and assets. At times you are found to act frugal as well. You like budgeting your income and expenditure and strive to keep them within your limits.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the second house

With Scorpio as the second house you would be very secretive when it comes to financial deals in your life. You work very hard and diligently in making money but how much you make is a guess for those around you. You do not like sharing your financial resources or books with others. You are very possessive with regard to finances that you hardly help others in life. There would be frequent rises and downfalls in your financial life.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the second house

With the influence of Sagittarius in your second house, you would be more generous with your finances. You would be more philosophical bound with money that you shall help those in dire need of a financial aid. Luck and fortune come naturally for you without much of an effort. Accumulation or hoarding of financial resources is not on your agenda. You are found to be a little extravagant on your spending. Usually this house placement calls for overseas career for the sake of monetary benefits. You like risk-taking and more than once you would have burnt your fingers.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the second house

With Capricorn as your second house you would be very cautious and practical in making and saving money. Though you are adept in making money you would be doubly cautious when it comes to spending. You live a frugal life though you make more money. You are good in speculative deals. You stay away from extravaganza and luxurious lifestyle. You are very practical and live a near average life that others would not be able to comprehend your real financial net-worth.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the second house

With Aquarius as your second house you are insensitive or less inclined towards money, finances and material possessions in life. You cannot be ruled by money. But you are very creative in the art of money-making. You shall have variable income flows. You do not have a proper career position for money inflow, most of your inward remittances comes from freelancing works. You have a technological bend towards amassing wealth. You are impulsive in your financial matters and you take chances and find new ways to make money.

Pisces  Pisces as the second house

With Pisces as your second house you are least bothered about financial matters. You spend a lot based on your dreams and higher aspirations and go to a new low when things do not work the way you thought. But you are generous in heart. You are also not greedy about money or too materialistic. You need to be very careful in your financial moves as you are prone to financial frauds. You have an intuitive spirit that guides you in your financial area and hence things would be smooth for you in this part of life.


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