The Twelfth House

The Subconscious, Psychological Issues, Secrets

The twelfth house in astrology rules your subconscious mind, your mental issues and secrets and mysteries in life.

It deals with emotional problems and deceptions that we might face.

This house also rules prisons and hospitals and places that are away from one's home ruled by the Ascendant house.

Aries  Aries as the 12th house

With Aries as the 12th house, you are very active in your subconscious level. Your inner-self is very aggressive and ambitious though you usually do not show it outward. You seem to be less competitive but once you join a race there is no going back. Your level of confidence is very great that you can tolerate any amount of hardship, hindrances and abuses in life. You cannot be shaken easily but when anger strikes you then there is no turning back. You fight any issue to the last straw.

Taurus  Taurus as the 12th house

With Taurus as your 12th house, you have worries and anxieties in life regarding your finances and your future course of life, though you put up a very confident picture on the outside. Events of the past in your life haunt you that might take a toll on your general health. You have occasional bouts of fears about your life and its past. Your inner spirit is an undaunted one though you would be losing your grip when things come to the practical fore.

Gemini  Gemini as the 12th house

With Gemini as your 12th house, you would be very creative and inventive when left alone. When in a social circle your thought process varies. You would have had a troubled childhood. This would be affecting your personal life for now, that you would find it difficult to get along with your family members. You have many secret ideas and plans and emotionally you may let it out at times. You are an impulsive person who might act based on the situation at hand.

Cancer  Cancer as the 12th house

With Cancer as your 12th house, you hardly express your emotions and keep them buried to yourself. You are very generous in your approach but you need that appreciation frequently to keep you going. At times you feel that you are being taken for granted by your near ones and you yearn for attention. Then you stay detached and later on you would be found to be an unconcerned character. You are a very emotional type who lives on feelings but scarcely lets this out.

Leo  Leo as the 12th house

With Leo as your 12th house, you are a powerful person in your inner life. You are the rudder in important issues concerning your family. In some cases this dominating virtue would be recessive or hidden. You do not show-off much and hence your efforts may not be appreciated. You lead a satisfied life and you need to corner some time for your own self. This might be for a spiritual purpose too. This placement also shows love for humanity and social or charity works when the times calls for.

Virgo  Virgo as the 12th house

With Virgo as the 12th house, you have a critical personality at the subconscious level. Though this would not be seen externally, the inner nature might make you more worried in life. You are a health freak and is greatly concerned about health matters. You spend a good time studying people and their workings. You normally suffer from lack of physical and mental strength due to your anxieties. You do not hesitate to tell what you think of those around you, even if it meant hurting them.

Libra  Libra as the 12th house

With Libra as the 12th house, you are more interested in being alone and left to fend for yourself. You fear being dependant on others in life. Your partnership deals in personal and professional life fall off midway. This placement negates any effort to enter into a co-operative deal with others. You need to be more outgoing and an extrovert for things to be more favorable towards you in life.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the 12th house

With Scorpio as the 12th house, you are very powerful in your subconscious level. You have many closely guarded secrets and mysteries in life. But outwardly you seem to be very down to earth. The occult science fascinate you. You have the strength to bring other people and their thoughts under your control. Many psychologists and hypnotists have this placement. Your thoughts and inner power levels are very extraordinary.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the 12th house

With Sagittarius as the 12th house, you are a very good planner in your subconscious level. You plan all the behind the scene things prior to the actual enactment. Your religious and philosophical convictions are held very secretly to your inner self. When in trouble or in a dilemma, you would be very careful in your moves. But once you are in a good landing you start enjoying life. You keep your stoic character intact come what may.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the 12th house

With Capricorn as the 12th house, you are a rather conservative personality in your subconscious level. But this does not show in your outer self. You have a feeling that something is not enough in your life though you might have everything. This feeling of inadequacy is an important trait of this placement. You would be a person of great responsibility on one hand. On the flip side you would remain detached about other's woes in life. You have to constantly fight to remain on stable ground.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the 12th house

With Aquarius as the 12th house, you would have a keen interest in the subconscious self and the origin of life. You seem to be a dreamer to those around you. But your thoughts are concrete and have a scientific bent. You have a humane nature inside that every humanitarian need around you calls you by name. You love being of service to others and if restricted from this then you feel let down in life.

Pisces  Pisces as the 12th house

With Pisces as the 12th house, you are a person of great compassion. You have a soft inner self that you try to veil in. However in your subconscious level you are very sensitive to the feelings of others around you. Though you project yourself as being aggressive, you are in general a dreamer. You need to trust your intuition to come out better in life. You find it difficult to express yourself with this placement.


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