The Eleventh House

Friendships, Associations, Ideals and Causes

The eleventh house is associated with the achievement of goals and objectives.

Often it is called the house of hopes and wishes. Humanitarian and philanthropic enterprises, clubs, groups, associations, and the sharing of ideals is emphasized here.

People that help you, friends, connections and influence matters relate to this house.

Aries  Aries as the eleventh house

With Aries as your 11th house, you are very active in your social life. You would be associated with clubs or organizations and you have a wide range of friends. But none of the relationship would be too close . You are very personal to your friends. You make and break relationships often. But your social nature helps you to accomplish your ideals in life.

Taurus  Taurus as the eleventh house

With Taurus as your 11th house, your ambitions or goals in life are more materialistic in nature. You like making money to have a decent lifestyle and much security in life. You have friends who have an artistic inclination. You are very sentimental in selecting your friends that you maintain a warm relationship with them come what may. Their financial or social status does not bother you. You enjoy being with them on different pleasure trips or outings.

Gemini  Gemini as the eleventh house

With Gemini as your 11th house, you have many friends in life. Your friends are usually intelligent and make good companions for a conversation. You make friends with younger or older people and not of your rank. You have a good sense of humor to keep any group well-entertained. You hate solitude and is always in need of friendship to keep you stimulated at all times.

Cancer  Cancer as the eleventh house

With Cancer as your 11th house, you choose your friends very carefully and stick to them for life. Usually you are more attached to pets rather than people. You like working in an environment that has to do with the welfare of children. pets, old people or the downtrodden. You have an emotional bonding with your friends. However you are very discriminating in choosing them.

Leo  Leo as the eleventh house

With Leo as your 11th house, you shall have leadership qualities in a group or among your friends. But you do not try to dominate them as is the common quality of a Leo. Leos have very close and deep friends in their life. This placement gives friends who are of high status and financially well-off. You get your inspiration and strength from your friends. You have associates from a wide circle belonging to various strata of the society. In general you are a good person to be friends with.

Virgo  Virgo as the eleventh house

With Virgo as your 11th house, you are one who is ready to serve your friends. Though you are not one to make friends easily, you take great care in the welfare of your friends once they enter your circle. You have only a handful of selected friends in life and you hate hanging around with a big gang. When they go out of the way you would not hesitate to criticize and advise them.

Libra  Libra as the eleventh house

With Libra as the 11th house, you are very content in a group as you are diplomatic and is tactful enough for any situation. You have the guts to lead any group as you can handle divergent views with ease. You love spending time with your friends as you are a social animal among the zodiacs. However you have a certain amount of indecisive nature that makes sticking onto friends for long despite their negatives.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the eleventh house

With Scorpio as your 11th house, you would be making very close relationships in life and that would be very intense in feelings and emotions. You like to be friends with people in the higher reaches of the society. But you are not an extrovert and keep your relationships under close guard. Sometimes this placement might give unreliable friends in life. Hence it is best advised to stay away from fraudulent people and occasionally weed off unwanted relations in life.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the eleventh house

With Sagittarius as your 11th house, you have a wide range of friends in your life. You like to be given freedom even when in a relationship and there would be a good flow of ideas with your friends. You enjoy the company of good people in life and they do enjoy your association as well. You are generally popular in a group and you would be able to get benefits through friendship. This placement also assures you good luck and cheer in your life.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the eleventh house

With Capricorn as your 11th house, you have a limited circle of friends in your life. Some of your friends would be very younger or elder to you. You are not a social animal and you hate crowds. You love solitude and hate social circles. This attitude of yours might take a heavy toll on your life as you would be left alone to fend for yourself when in trouble. Teamwork or co-operation is not the thing for you.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the eleventh house

With Aquarius as your 11th house, you have a penchant for socializing. You like to make friends with people who are very active, interesting and not dull-heads. You are attracted to those who are intellectual and ready to take risks in life. You have an outgoing demeanor and would merge easily into any group. But you would exhibit a rebellious trend when the situation warrants one. You make a group very interesting and exciting.

Pisces  Pisces as the eleventh house

With Pisces as your 11th house, you have a great bonding with your friends. Either you expect them to be perfect or shy off their imperfections. You would do anything for them and expect the same from them too. But this illusion usually does not work in your life. You are a very sensitive and emotional personal who thinks that relationships are everything in life. You are very generous towards friends. You have a positive view on your friends but you need to look them from the other angle as well to come to reality.


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