The Tenth House

The Career, Prestige, and Reputation

The tenth house in astrology rules your career/job/profession or business in life.

It has also to do with your prestige and reputation in your circle.This house has to do with all those linked to attainment of worldly belongings.

Aries  Aries as the tenth house

With Aries as the 10th house you have a fear of stage and being in the limelight. Initially you would have landed in a totally irrelevant career due to some impulsive and impatience on your part. But once you settle down in a stable career then there is no turning back. You are a very determined and dogmatic person who likes to make a mark in whatever your perform. You are loaded with ambition, aggressiveness and immense energy that makes you excel in your field of interest.

Taurus  Taurus as the tenth house

With Taurus as your 10th house, you have the inclination to earn more to live more luxuriously. You like to present yourself to the world in a bigger and better picture. You love authority in your work place and find it difficult to get your point across to subordinates. Artistic inclinations attract you. Paintings, antiques or music appeal to you an you would be more likely to settle down in careers linked to these. Anything that brings pleasure and stability in life is your hunting ground.

Gemini  Gemini as the tenth house

With Gemini as your 10th house in the natal chart, you are inclined to professions that have to do with your talking or verbal skills. Mental works stimulate you and you need variety to keep going up in your professional life. There would be good communication of your thoughts and ideas in your work place. You are loaded with much energy that you would be able to tackle even two or three careers with ease.

Cancer  Cancer as the tenth house

With Cancer as your 10th house, you have an emotional connection with your career or profession. However you are likely to exhibit some restlessness at times in your work place. There would be occasional ups and downs in life. You are very sensitive towards relationships in the career field. You are best suited for careers that relate to the general public at large. This is because you would be able to sense their needs and desires more better than the others.

Leo  Leo as the tenth house

With Leo as your 10th house you would be very ambitious when it comes to your professional standing. You have excellent leadership skills and like to dominate the scene. Ego, status and prestige means a lot to you in your work place. Positions of high authority attract you and you like to be in charge of anything big. You do not like to work under a leadership. This placement is great for business rather than services. You have good organizing skills and is quite demanding. If you maintain a better rapport with those around you then this would be an excellent placement.

Virgo  Virgo as the tenth house

With Virgo as your 10th house, you love to be in service to others. You are fully committed to your work and would be devoted to the same. You are suited to do works which have to do with details and precision. Careers related to writing or critical thinking mostly come to you. You need a constant flow of information and ideas to keep your work going. You like to be stable in your career field and you are mostly found working for a large established organization, say like government services or an NGO.

Libra  Libra as the tenth house

With Libra as your 10th house, you like to be in a profession that has to deal with co-operation with one or more partner. Your professional life would be well-balanced and you deal issues with tact and diplomacy. You make sure that your professional dealings are clean and clear. You make a good administrator and maintain a good public figure. If in business only partnership deals work for you.

Scorpio  Scorpio as the tenth house

With Scorpio as your 10th house, you have great determination to succeed in your career life. You have a great drive to keep going come what may in your professional life. You are ambitious and aggressive and careers related to research-works best attract you. You like solving unsolved problems in the career field. You seem very confident to the world around you and you are committed in your determination to win in your career.

Sagittarius   Sagittarius as the tenth house

With Sagittarius as your 10th house, you have a philosophical attitude towards career. You measure your professional success not by the power you wield but by the amount of satisfaction you get. You are a tireless worker and this gets you to the top rung of the professional ladder. Much travel would be associated with your career and you take your career problems as a great challenge. Usually this placement gives more one career field to behold.

Capricorn  Capricorn as the tenth house

With Capricorn as your 10th house, you are very cautious when it comes to your professional standing. You have a strong sense of duty and commitment to your career and expect good recognition in return. You yearn for power and status rather than monetary benefits. Dedication is your keyword in this area and you take on a greater responsibility on your shoulders. You may not see tangible results immediately in your professional life but the growing would be slow and steady. Your career brings security in your life and you are result-oriented in your professional life.

Aquarius  Aquarius as the tenth house

With Aquarius as your 10th house, you have a modern and inventive idea towards career. You want freedom and frequent changes in your career field. You like to work in a group and you would be loaded with ingenious ideas. You are much inclined to professions related to public life. You set your goals upfront and then work towards achieving them. You are mostly associated with social and charity works and you shy away from limelight and fame. You do not take any risks in your professional life and your inventive nature shall see you through to the top rung.

Pisces  Pisces as the tenth house

With Pisces as your 10th house, you have troubles in choosing and settling down in a career field. You have several ideas looming in your mind that you waver around not knowing which one to choose. But you have lofty ambitions at heart. Your choice of career would be ultimately based on your emotional moods. You have much commitment and idealism merged with your career related moves. Your career has to do with going out and reaching out to the people at large. Hence professions related to medicine and the arts would suit you. You need to have a reasonable dream when it comes to your career future.


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