What if your Fourth House is empty?

An Empty House on the Birth Chart

If you ever wondered what is going on in the Empty House in your birth chart or what it means, you are on the right page. In this article, we will talk about what happens if you have an empty fourth house.

Empty houses mean nothing at all! There are twelve houses but ten planets. So, that means that every single one of us has at least one or two empty houses in our birth chart! It is due to the nature of houses to planets ratio.

Fourth House
Most people think that the planets in a house describe the nature of that area of life. They assume that having Venus in the 7th house means that you have healthy relationships. Or, that by having Jupiter in the second house, you have abundant of wealth. However, this is not always the case! What is more important is knowing the planetary ruler of that house. Often the planets in the houses are malefic and bring negativity rather than positivity. However, having an empty house means that you have no planet in that house.

It is a good idea to get an analysis of your birth chart in detail to find out the empty houses on it. Or you can check them on specific astrology websites made for this purpose by adding your birth date, location, and time in the tabs. The cusp of your empty house in your birth chart will tell you which house is empty.

Fourth House

The natural planetary ruler of the fourth house is the Moon. It governs your deepest desires and emotional tendency. The Moon is responsible for deep emotional bonding with family. The fourth house is situated at the bottom of your birth chart symbolizing home and family. The planets in your fourth house reflect your bonding with your maternal figure and perspective on domestic lifestyles. The maternal figure is more in highlight in this house because she is the one who is in the closer realm with the child as she stays home. Meanwhile, the father of the child is mostly away for work. However, if the father stays closer to the child than the mother, then the fourth house will focus on the paternal relationship of the child. Meanwhile, the tenth house will focus on the parent who stays away from the child for most of the time.

The planets present in the fourth house are responsible for motivating us to build our personal spaces and safety in our homes. These give us the feeling of being loved and looked after by our family. The fourth house governs your relationship with your pets, family, cousins, and partners. Also, it is the ruler of your relationships with your kith and kin. It possesses Cancerian energy.

An empty Fourth House

Having an empty fourth house means that you will have a broken family. However, it could also mean that you will have a good relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse, or children. However, it is more likely to have a negative relationship with them. It will result in them not giving you property or keeping you devoid of such fortunes. You might also fight a lot with your partner, or your children could abandon you at old age.

The chart and table below show the empty Fourth house:

Empty Houses

1st House
Self-worth issues, does not display the true personality
2nd House
Lack of Resources, Financial and material instability
3rd House
Inability to accept logic, Emphasizes sibilings
4th House
Feelings of Loneliness and having numerous problems
5th House
Boring individual, inability to have fun and artistic tastes
6th House
Dependent on others and falling prey to illnesses to easily
7th House
Unhealthy relationships and having commitment issues
8th House
Is immune to fear and death
9th House
Attachment issues and inability to adapt to change
10th House
Laziness and distorted life, room, and cupboards
11th House
Friendship problems and inability to have long term friendships
12th House
Inability to deal with stress, pressure, or fear

Is your Fourth House really empty?

The effects of having an empty house are horrific as family and home are retreats for most of us. Not being able to find a safe place at your own home is suffocating. However, you need to worry not as your fourth house is not empty in reality. Even if you do not have Moon or any other planet at the cusp of your fourth house, you have Cancer at the cusp of your fourth house. Cancer is the zodiac sign ruler of the fourth house. It is all about home and family. Also, it is the maternal zodiac of the zodiac chart. Having Cancer as the ruler of your fourth house will foster good relations with your family. It will give you the natural ability to come to peace with them.

Fourth House

Also, planets keep transiting through various houses in the birth chart. Guest planet could be staying in your zodiac for years, months, weeks, or days. However, if the planet is malefic, it could affect your efforts to get the love of your family.