What if your 1st House is empty?

An Empty House on the Birth Chart

If you ever wondered what is going on in the Empty House in your birth chart or what it means, you are on the right page. In this article, we will talk about what happens if you have an empty first house.

Empty houses mean nothing at all! There are twelve houses but ten planets. So, that means that every single one of us has at least one or two empty houses in our birth chart! It is due to the nature of houses to planets ratio.

First House
Most people think that the planets in a house describe the nature of that area of life. They assume that having Venus in the 7th house means that you have healthy relationships. Or, that by having Jupiter in the second house, you have abundant of wealth. However, this is not always the case! What is more important is knowing the planetary ruler of that house. Often the planets in the houses are malefic and bring negativity rather than positivity. However, having an empty house means that you have no planet in that house.

You can get a detailed analysis of your birth chart to know which of your houses are empty. Or you can check them on specific astrology websites made for this purpose by adding your birth date, location, and time in the tabs. The cusp of your empty house in your birth chart will tell you which house is empty.

1st House

The first house is about the self and how you appear to others. It reflects everything about your personality, life, health, beauty, nature, and intellect. It is responsible for casting your first impressions on people in your social circles. If the planet ruling this house is not malefic, it will give you fame, health, beauty, recognition, and good first impressions, which will boost your self-worth. However, if it is malefic, it will degrade your self-worth and self-image.

First house is all about your physical body, such as complexation, skin texture, height, figure, physical features, sleep, intelligence, stamina, hair texture, and like. Also, it is not only about physical attributes, but fame, knowledge, confidence, outlook on life, honor, self-respect, dignity, happiness, unhappiness, peace of mind, ancestry, property, and net worth.

The zodiac ruler of this house is Aries which often has Mars as a planet. Mars is associated with action, desires, energy, and stamina.

An Empty 1st House

Sometimes, your first house is empty and has no planet in it. Having an empty first house signifies that you have no goals or aims in life and do not possess mental strength. Thus, you would fail to focus on your goals in life and display an uncaring attitude that will be aimed at the development of your future or personality. You fall prey to confusion and dilemma. Thus, you tend to leave your tasks unattended and in the middle.

However, it also means that you will not have any fame as a child and spend it in neglect. Also, you do not hail from a prestigious or well-off family. Thus, you will have to struggle in life to gain fame and recognition with fortune not on your side.

The following chart and table show the highlighted part as your empty first house:

Empty Houses

1st House
Self-worth issues, does not display the true personality
2nd House
Lack of Resources, Financial and material instability
3rd House
Inability to accept logic, Emphasizes sibilings
4th House
Feelings of Loneliness and having numerous problems
5th House
Boring individual, inability to have fun and artistic tastes
6th House
Dependent on others and falling prey to illnesses to easily
7th House
Unhealthy relationships and having commitment issues
8th House
Is immune to fear and death
9th House
Attachment issues and inability to adapt to change
10th House
Laziness and distorted life, room, and cupboards
11th House
Friendship problems and inability to have long term friendships
12th House
Inability to deal with stress, pressure, or fear

Is your first House really empty?

Are the above-mentioned effects of having an empty first house true? No, they are not! Having an empty first house does not always mean that you will struggle in life for fame and recognition. When any house is empty, the zodiac sign or ascendant of the zodiac sign present in the house is found and studied.

First House

Aries is the zodiac ruler of the first house, which means that you can still have fame and wealth on your side with some struggle. However, the struggle won’t be much as Aries will give you a lot of strength to gain fame and name. It is famous that Aries is a highly competitive zodiac and does not sit still without gaining fame and recognition. Mars is ascendant of Aries and strives for action and energy. However, the zodiac sign on your cusp could not always be Aries, it could be some other star sign as well.

For example, if you have Leo on the cusp of your empty first house, it has Sun as its’ ascendant. In such a case, you will display characteristics of Sun in your first house. Thus, you will get that extra boost of courage and will rise to great name and fame by attaining a respectable position in society. However, if the Sun is malefic, it won’t give you all these attributes.

Moreover, often the planets keep transiting through the various houses, and your empty house could host a planet for a few days, years, or months. During this time, the planet will be fully exhibiting its’ energies and effects in the first house area of your life. Fame and wealth might come to you with fortune until the planet is present in your first house. However, if the planet is malefic, the opposite might be true. In this case, your struggles to gain fame and recognition will all go in vain.

Hence, it is not to worry if your first house is empty, you can still rise to name and fame in your social stature.